No-one guessed Welbot's ScribbleTaku yesterday. He was pretty chuffed about that.

He sent in a second clue for everyone!

For reference — here's yesterday's first clue!

Good luck team!


    I'm terrible at this game. Thats not from a Pokemon game is it?

    Oh, god.
    I think it's Alex Kidd in Miracle World...

      Sorry man. wrong on all 3 counts. ;)

      Last edited 29/01/16 1:14 pm

    I'll drop another hint a little later if nobody's guessed by about 2pm!

    I'm sure I've seen it on AVGN or Gaijin Goomba but for some reason I can't place the name.

    Gynoug? Doesn't quite look gross enough. Legend of hero Tonma?

    That power up looks familiar - but I've got a feeling it's not 25years old....

      It might be that old... I have a nagging suspicion it's either a Master System or Mega Drive game.

      Well shit! I was secretly hoping this would stump everyone, but I got past the 1 day mark, so still a win for me! ^^ This guy! Nailed it! Well done! Legend of Hero Tonma it is! I was just coming to drop a hint, but BAM! Original release in arcades was 1989!

      Last edited 29/01/16 2:07 pm

        Cheers man. Loved irem arcade titles at the time. Didn't play this heaps, but at least once a week in 1990.

          I dread to think how many 20c pieces I dropped in to this game in the Las Vegas Arcade in Brisbane during the 90's! It's a brutal game!

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