SEGA's New Game Upset Fans By Not Actually Being A New Game

Yesterday morning SEGA cheekily mentioned that fans of their classic platformers and beat-em-ups should "definitely want to tune in for their new game announcement".

So people tuned in. They didn't like what they heard.

It was the prospect of a "new game" from SEGA. Of course, the term "new game" means something very different to the internet than it does to a global publisher. But just for clarity, here's a screengrab of what SEGA posted on their Facebook yesterday.

Sounds good, right? Except the "new game" that got announced this morning was actually a compilation of SEGA classics — for the 3DS, no less.

The 9 game pack comes with Fantasy Zone 2 W, the original Sonic, Thunder Blade, Galaxy Force 2, Altered Beast, Fantasy Zone 2: The Tears of Opa-Opa, Maze Walker, Puyo Puyo 2 and Power Drift. Out of those, Puyo Puyo 2 and Power Drift have never been released outside of Japan. Maze Walker and The Tears of Opa-Opa, meanwhile, have never been released on the 3DS before.

So there's some nice games in there. I'd actually be really keen to play Power Drift, weirdly. But are they new games? No. It's a re-release of classics that are decades old. Sure, there are some new game modes, visuals and touch ups for the 3DS, but it's not like we're dealing with a completely new package here.

Understandably, gamers were a little disappointed.

Even those who were happy to see more of the classics lamented that SEGA hasn't caught up with the times a touch.

And they're not the only ones. GamesPress is a press release and assets depository for developers, journalists, freelancers and publishers. It's traditionally where you go to if you need to check a release or pull a new screenshot. It's not a site you visit for commentary, although it seems that someone on staff couldn't help themselves when it came to SEGA:



    I don't know quite what people were expecting -they didn't use any really "hype" keywords.
    With a post like that i wouldn't be at all surprised with something like this - or disappointed.

    Man the internet is seriously full of so many whiny little so and so's these days...

      I think people were expecting a new game.

        I guess they should start using quotation marks?

        I saw that as a "new" game announcement (ie. we're announcing something new related to gaming)
        as opposed to "new game" announcement (ie. we're announcing a new game)


        FWIW though I wouldn't mind this compilation for nostalgias sake... though I wish SEGA would just finish the SEGA Ages remakes of the Phantasy Star series!

        Last edited 22/01/16 6:05 pm

        Technically it is a new game.

      Perhaps they wanted something for a console people actually play.

        You're right, noone plays the 3ds. What's its install base like anyway? You'd have to be crazy to make games for that system.

          According to Wikipedia, there are around 54 million 3DS units out there, which is more than the number of PS4s (35.9 million). How many are actually in use is another question - I have a 3DS but use it very, very rarely, whereas my PS4 is on at least several times a week...

          8 isn't very many, but some companies are even stingier - Bandai Namco come to mind.

          It does seem a bit odd when there's a PSP compilation of Master System games (usable on the VIta) with a lot more games included.

        You must be a special kind of stupid

    Might grab it for the kids if it isn't $60.

      Do kids these days even want to play those old games? When I was a young kid it was all about the shiny new graphics. Wouldn't they just look at those old games and scoff? My son is only 2 and a bit and he loves watching Mario Kart on the Wii U. I was playing binding of Isaac on the Vita and he got pissy and said "No! Big Game" and pointed at the TV.

        My kids (4, 6 and 9) love their 3DS's and the Wii U and Sonic.

    Uhhh didn't they say it was going to be something classic or did I misread something.

    Either way I thought everyone was aware it was just going to be a re release.

    So it isn't weird that I want an Xbox One because it has Rare Replay then?

    I mean, I also want Sunset Overdrive....

      I just got an xbone for Christmas with rare replay, and it's... Ok?

      The classics have aged pretty terribly, the 8 bit stuff doesn't play that well with the retarded dpad, and viva pinata was fun when it was free with my 360.

      I also got sunset overdrive and that's pretty good, it's basic dumb fun.

      Dead rising 3 isn't very good, it's grey and boring and nick is meant to be Hispanic but he looks like a classic white dudebro. It feels racist saying that, but it feels racist playing that.

      I'm still yet to play the haloes.

        Don't touch the Haloes unless you always wanted them to be an awkward emotionally driven soapie.
        Rare Replay has more games than this collection, but Rare Replay is on a Blu-ray, and has mostly rubbish and no 3D and none of the best Rare games. Imagine if the Sega 3D collection had no Sonic at all...

          Fallout 4, Dragon Age 3 and Diablo 3 have the most game time on my Xbox One - they are worth it but I wish I had bought a PS4 back then instead of just now, as the X bone has horribly bloated OS where everything else has nice and smooth OS and rarely crash.

      Yep Rare Replay and SunsetOD are the only reasons I'd ever be tempted by one, are there any exclusives other than halo and those games mentioned?

        Forza Horizon 2 is pretty good. And Killer Instinct is genuinely fun. You may as well get Ori and the Blind Forest too, while you're at it.

          I hear Killer Instinct is coming to PC though? And Ori already made the jump. I haven't played a Halo since Reach - and I'm not much into the multiplayer, though it will likely get some use. I love a good compilation - I really enjoyed the NamcoMuseum titles on the Playstation growing up - they put in some effort and it showed, although the selection was small. I guess Rare Replay has spoilt it for titles that aren't up to snuff. And maybe it's because I have a soft spot for Viva Pinata. But still, this collection really feels like another cash grab.

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