Smite Devs' First Mobile Game Is A Quick Bit Of Fun

Smite Devs' First Mobile Game Is A Quick Bit Of Fun

The idea behind Jetpack Fighter, the first mobile game from the makers of Smite, might be a hard to grasp. See, you're this fighter, and you've got a jetpack. Still following? Launched last week on iOS and coming as soon as humanly possible to Android, Jetpack Fighter is a game in which a variety of anime-style characters (and sometimes a space dog named Bento) fight using jetpacks. It's a simple matter of swiping your finger where you want to go or over what you'd like to attack and presto — everybody was jetpack fighting.

On the surface its all quick and dirty swiping fun. Missions rarely last more than a minute, controls are responsive. Dig a little deeper and there's a crafting system to screw about with, multiple character tiers to upgrade to and a handful of new fighters to unlock, including Smite god Nemesis. Players who link Jetpack Fighter to their Hi-Rez games account even get a fresh skin for Nemesis in the third-person MOBA.

Smite Devs' First Mobile Game Is A Quick Bit Of Fun

There's been a bit of nasty lag since the game launched on Thursday, but Hi-Rez has been slowly adding more servers to the point where I've not seen a "Contacting Servers" message all morning.

Jetpack Fighter is a cute little game thus far, and the urge to participate in its brand of microtransactions hasn't felt pressing, though I did spend a few bucks on a pack that came with a space dog. Time will tell if the slow trickle of discs needed to unlock new characters frustrates me enough to spend $22.99 to unlock them all or if the game's energy (hearts) system gets the better of me, but for the time being I am content to swipe all of the robots until they are dead.


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