Smite’s Amaterasu Might Not Be A Wolf, But She Sure Fights Like One

Smite’s Amaterasu Might Not Be A Wolf, But She Sure Fights Like One

The first god in the Japanese pantheon launched in deity-powered MOBA Smite today, and while she might not be the Amaterasu many gamers are familiar with, she’s just as fierce.

She’s definitely not the white wolf of Capcom’s outstanding action adventure game, but then Amaterasu traditionally isn’t. She’s the daughter of the great god Izanagi, born as he washed out his left eye following a trip to the underworld, because that’s the sort of thing that happens.

Decked out in the Imperial Regalia of Japan — her sword, jewel and mirror — Amaterasu charges onto Smite’s battlefields with a host of buffs and debuffs at her disposal.

Her basic attacks have the power to increase damage taken by enemies after three strikes. She’s got a self-heal-over-time that also kicks in a aura that either buffs the move speed or power of her allies. Her Glorious Charge ability silences enemies before running them through. Her ultimate ability, Dazzling Offensive is a three-step combo attack with each hit increasing damage and either slowing or stunning opponents.

Once you face Amaterasu in battle, you’ll not be the same for several seconds after. Want to see her in action? I’ve prepared a video.

Amaterasu is the first representative in what will be a steadily growing Japanese pantheon. Her introduction today in the PC version (next month on the Xbox One) is accompanied by a Rising Dawn special event featuring new skins and goodies with a Japanese them, like this new skin for Egyptian goddess Neith.

Smite’s Amaterasu Might Not Be A Wolf, But She Sure Fights Like One

I am sure wherever the Egyptian goddess of war and hunting is, she approves wholeheartedly.

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