Snoop Is Not Happy About Xbox's Servers: 'Fix Your Shit'


    Cause it matters so much more when a celebrity is disgruntled.

    but in truth its probably a good thing someone like that says something for the xbox owners

    In more important news... Alan Rickman has died... :(

    Sherriff of Nottingham...
    Hans Gruber...


      And of course, in a less villanous role: Dr Lazarus / Sir Alexander Dane

        Of all the Wizards in Harry Potter, Snape was my favorite. :(

    He seems to overlook that PSN was down only a couple days for so long that they needed to send out apology codes to appease everyone

      Of course he overlooked it, an event from five years ago has no weight on his current situation and he is criticising EA/Xbox, not trying to defend them.

        "Couple of days ago" =/= "five years ago"... I wonder who was right between fitzy2812 and namiwakiru.

        Someone clearly missed the news this week or was blinded by their compensation codes.

          Lol, 10 hours? Damn right I missed it, prob slept and worked right through it.
          Aside from a grumpy message service every now and then, I haven't had a problem at all through the holidays.
          Wonder if I scored a code, nice surprise.

    Can't wait to see his video when he tries the PS Servers... Haha and yeah it's definitely Bill Gates fault, he should definitely stop donating millions of dollars to charity and use that on fixing is old companies video game division.

      Billions... over 100 of them.

      Which is just an incredible amount of money.

    If you take the fact that this is snoop dog out of the equation, this ends up being no different to any other disgruntled 12 yr old xbox guy. Yo yo, ima fulygrown adlt dat stil toddler types. 2gangsta2gramma. Nrrrghhh uuurgh xbox or ima psn.

    Yes, okay then Mr Dog, everyone is giving a fuck now that you so eloquently called MS out on this.

    I always boiled shitty connection issues down to my amazing Australian internet :D

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