Some Of The Coolest Stuff That Was Cut From Fallout 4

Some Of The Coolest Stuff That Was Cut From Fallout 4

Video: Fallout 4 was not always the game that we actually got to play. Like most games, it changed and morphed during development — and it's fun to look back on what could have been.

In this video, I show a few things that never made it into the post-apocalyptic trash collecting game, from quests to alternate character designs, to differently-designed levels.

What I really dig into, however, is something that was teased in a pre-release trailer but that, so far at least, isn't actually in the game. After digging through Fallout 4's files, I present to you some unused audio clips that give us a different look at one of the most disappointing areas of Fallout 4.

It's well-worth a watch if you've played the game, or if felt let down by Fallout 4's focus on combat. Here's hoping Bethesda or modders make some of this content playable at some point!


    Couldn't give us a list for those that can't watch the video could you?

      That would involve Patricia doing real work rather than reposting other peoples content she mashed together in a video.

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        Dude. She didn't just post a list, she actually went to the trouble of editing a video. That's the opposite of lazy. Credit where credit's due, huh?

        (Edit: Nice edit for being slightly more reasonable, Comban.)

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          Yeah, lost half my para posting on phone. Edited it back in.
          All the videos are stuff others have found/posted on other sites. (Mainly Reddit).

          which Patricia has a habit of just copy pasting and slightly changing content from.

          A list would be better. A video means I pretty much just skip the article.

        I prefer a list too mate, but she at least made the video posted here so... pull it back a bit?

        (Edit: Ditto TM)

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      • Unused assets for an underwater quest called ’20 leagues under the sea’, which explains earlier-found assets for a harpoon gun. (Video includes images of Deacon saying: “A Chinese nuclear sub. An undersea vault. And a daring rescue. That ring any bells?”)

      • Concept art shows Mama Murphy in a Mr. Handy wheelchair.

      • Posits a theory that Combat Zone was intended to be significantly more than it ended up being. Supporting evidence is signs of lore/world-building in-game, and a couple seconds of trailer footage of Cait beating ass in a cage, recorded audio of the fight-caller (Tommy) telling the player the rules of fighting (“No guns! No power armor!”) and congratulating them for moving up the ranks, much like arena quests in most other games. Also has lines which sound like responses to placing bets on fights. Pretty comprehensive. She also spends a couple minutes on it as a vehicle to complain about the action focus. Tommy’s voice-actor’s response to request for comment was to say he needed to check with Bethesda. No response yet.

      (FYI to critics: This is what Journalism looks like. Following up leads other people give you by digging further. Asking for interviews, recording your own footage of your own investigation. Where do you think every other journalist in the world does the news from? Most of it's media releases and downloads from AP/Bloomberg. Given that a huge amount of the video is audio recordings, it's actually better in video than print. Go ahead and complain that this was done as a video and you can't/don't want to watch them and thus you aren't the audience in this specific instance, but maybe don't give Patricia shit for not doing her job - and actually pretty well.)

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        Cheers for the write up. Yeah, I was miffed about Combat Zone from what was shown pre-release when I entered and everyone was automatically hostile. It would've been good to have somewhere to actually make you use unarmed/melee combat.

        Ho hum, stuff gets changed all the time. I've no doubt modders will change Combat Zone for the better though like they did with the civil war stuff in Skyrim that was trimmed WAAAAAAAAAAAY down in the retail version

          Yeah, I got the same vibe with the Robot Racetrack at East City Downs. Seemed like originally there was probably some intention for this to be an area you could walk into without being shot on sight, maybe participate in the races and get some story beats, but nope... once you're detected, It's On. Your only interaction with that area is as the avatar of violent death.

            I still haven't found that place in three playthroughs.

              Easy City Downs was one of the places I got sent to because apparently the raiders there were harassing one of my settlements. I did a lot more unguided exploration on my second playthrough and came across it randomly. I wanted to sneak in and self-destruct all the robots but I got seen and everyone aggro'd. It's a pretty tough battle too.

    I enjoyed Fallout 4, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say the whole thing left a slightly sour taste in my mouth.

    It just felt unrefined and unfocused, like it was an amalgamation of all the parts that would go into a good Fallout game that never really got itself together. The engine is outdated, the quests are dull and the main quest never really hit its stride.

    SPOILERS: I played through the Institute questline and I STILL don’t know what the Institute actually is or what it stands for, the overarching concern that the Synths will take over never really happens, there’s no consequences to the moral choices I made, the main towns remain seemingly unchanged regardless of who you pick, there’s no twist or hidden agendas…. You just pick a side, kill everyone else and get the achievement.

    I’d love to see them take some of these ideas and make a Fallout: New Vegas style ‘.5’ sequel while the main studio goes back and does something about that engine. Either that or Fallout 5 right at the end of this console generation- in the Skyrim spot from last gen.

      I've said it before but Fallout 4 is a sequel to Fallout 3. What everyone really wanted was a sequel to New Vegas. I really hope there's one coming, even though I loved Fallout 4.

        Yeah, maybe. I don’t know who they should get to make it though.
        The engine really needs a lot of work, plus I’m sure they want to get an new Elder Scrolls out given how successful Skyrim was.

        We all saw how rough NV was around the edges and I’d have to say the Fallout 3 engine was in better shape at the time NV was developed than the Fallout 4 engine is now. You’re going to need a pretty decent studio to make a truly brilliant game out of the scraps of Fallout 4.

        I think our best chance now is that the Fallout 4 expansions might be brilliant. I’d love to see normal sized expansions followed up by a The Taken King style major expansion in late 2016, something that added new areas and made major changes to a few of the games mechanics.

          The problem with the engine is that it's a heavily modded version of the Gamebryo engine which wasn't even written with any single game in mind. Trying to run a FPS RPG on the same coding that Civ 4 was written on, at some point you're going to run into problems and limitations.

          I'd love for them to move the series (and Elder Scrolls) across to the id Tech 5 engine, or id Tech 6 when it's released but I don't think they will, not when they've just 'current gen'd' the Creation Engine.

            I have always thought the most recent id Tech 5 engine was a piece of garbage, every game I have played that uses it has massive pop in issues if you spin around for as far as I can see no real gains.

              It does but it's not like the Creation Engine doesn't have worse pop in at times. I didn't mind RAGE so much though but the pop in was bad there. The Wolfenstein games though I've found to be pretty decent in the graphics department. More importantly the game doesn't crash although granted there's a lot less going on underneath

                I played through Wolf recently and while the pop in was nowhere near as bad as rage I still noticed it enough for it to be annoying.

                The creation engine is garbage as well, they need to come up with something new or license something like the Cry Engine or UE4.

                  If anything they'd use id Tech 6 as that's sort of an in house engine seeing as Bethesda own id Software as well. They'll continue developing the Creation Engine imo though. As seen with a few of the Skyrim mods there's a lot of stuff that can be done with it, hell a heavily modded Skyrim looks as good if not better than the majority of new games today and considering how stable it can be made there's no reason Bethesda can't do the same with a vanilla game. I'd expect a similar leap in graphics and character animation for the next Elder Scrolls game like what there was from Fallout 3 to Skyrim.

                  Apparently this is why they still use CE though in relation to being asked why Fallout 4 isn't on id Tech 5/6:

                  “No, because of moveable objects [in Fallout 4],” reasoned Hines. “Doom has interactive stuff, but it doesn’t account for hundreds and thousands of little items that you can pick up and move and they’re all individual. It’s not suited for a game where you want to have thousands [of items] and clutter the world with all this stuff that’s all interactive and has physics. It’s just not what it’s for.”

        No. Stop saying EVERYONE wanted a sequel to NV.
        I swear to christ, reading comments on a fallout articles is just the worst with your lot.


            Apology accepted Private.
            Ad victoriam.

    Fallout 4 was a fun game. But for every amazing discovery like the General Atomic Galleria, there were places that felt totally unfinished like the Combat Zone.

    Cost to returns though. They could have doubled their resource spend but it wouldn't have doubled their returns.

    Am beating that a lot of the cut content like the underwater stuff will come back as part of the DLC expansion sets. They'll probably go all Bioshock & have an entire expansion set on the sea so you can go underwater to get into a vault & do other water related things.

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