Somebody Has Tried To Fix The Witcher 2's Combat

One of the greatest complaints levelled against the Witcher series is that the combat, which is a shame considering the excellence that went into crafting the characters and in-game environments.

So if you've been putting off the sequel for precisely this reason, then this is the mod for you.

It's called Master Witcher Redux, and it's meant to correct the quirks and frustrations inherent in CD Projekt RED's design that might have put people off from playing Geralt's second adventure.

"Formerly based upon FCR2 during the initial portion of development, it has since branched off and come into its own with a slew of changes," ModDB user 1ndig0 wrote in the description. "[Improvements include] parrying, free-form targeting, focused attack, and combat-based experience points to name a few. Most of the new abilities are acquired through character ability development."

The level cap has also been extended to 96, allowing players to unlock every single item within the skill tree to truly become a master witcher. The full download is just over 41mb and you can find all the instructions you need here. And as always, backup any necessary files before modding.


    I didn't have any issues with Witcher 2's combat really, once I got over the fact that they changed it from Witcher 1.

      So much this!

      I tried the first Witcher but the combat put me off, i've also owned but have not played the 2nd/3rd one yet, can someone explain how the combat is enhanced in this mod to me please? =)

        Not aure about this mod but the combat in 2 and 3 is completely different to 1 as in 1 the combat is a bit weird and based off mouse click timing etc whereas the others are more of an action game with rolling to dodge etc and is much better (1 has lots of things which havent aged much) so anyone who played 1 and couldnt get i to it i strongly suggest going and trying 2 and 3

          I'll keep it in mind, thank you for the headsup =)

    Why are they trying to "fix" something that is not even broken to begin with. Witcher combat was never meant to be easy button masher.

      trying to fight 2 or more enemies at once? any one of them have a ranged weapon? welldone, your officialy fucked because its roll simulator, the biggest button masher there is.

        Are you kidding me? You can block arrows and reflect arrows. I've already completed both witcher 2 and 3. Clearly someone have never played the game enough to comment.

        what was hard about that? dont mistake bad habits for bad mechanics

      This ^^ The combat in 2 took me a while to get used to after 1, but once it clicks, it's fine. I really can't fathom how it could be 'improved' and I suspect this just dumbs it down for button mashers.

    I'm bitter about losing all my Witcher 2 saved games before finishing it. Guess I'll just skip to Witcher 3.

    I tried several times to get into TW2 but never could (which is weird considering I rate TW3 as one of the greatest games of all time). In the end I gave up and watched a YouTube vid that condensed all the cutscenes with some brief nameplate to make a 3 hour movie out of it.

    Bought this on 360, beat the tutorial & it thought I did a good enough job to suggest I play on normal mode. I slapped it down to easy because it seemed a tad complicated & I didn't feel I'd truly wrapped my head around it.

    Things were going fine, got a few hours in. Beat the introduction got to the first major town with branching paths and...I couldn't defeat anything. Suddenly I'd lost all ability to hold my own. Everything was smashing me.

    I'd come back & give it a go every so often but it's been a couple of years now & I've not made any progress.

    Everyone claims Dark Souls is hard, but I completed that. This game's combat makes no sense to me. :-/

      The difficulty curve can be really rough at the start of tw2 when you hit flotsam. The forest is meant to feel like a really dangerous place, possibly prompting the player to explore all of flotsam village first. Once you gain a few levels this difficulty vanishes and pretty much never returns.

      To get a foot hold on it, grab all the quests in town and complete the ones that don't require fighting first. There should be a few collect type quests. Also might be a quest or two you can do inside the safety of the town walls.

      When you do end up having to fight, make sure to only take on one enemy at a time when gerralt is still low level- you can lure them one by one from a group if you need to get thru them. Also quicksave after killing each single enemy so that you won't lose your exp progress. After you get a few levels, you should be able to hold your own pretty easily against them.

    The secret to the Witcher series has always been... once stuck, use oils and potions. You can slice through enemies who had previously tanked everything you threw at them.

    Of the series, Witcher 3 has my favourite combat because it's simply more fluid, but I did quite like the heavy attack style from Witcher where Geralt would wave his sword above his head like a fool.

    Might try this mod, despite three playthroughs of Witcher 2, I always end up sided against the Elves so I've never seen their part of the story.

      This is what I liked about 3 vs 2.. you could use the potions and oils on the fly.. 2 on the other hand requires you to predict what enemies you MIGHT come up against.. and meditate before. In some instances, you can work it out based on the quest description but in other times, you have to just guess or reload from last save after having your ass handed to you by the monsters you didn't know about...

      The combat itself is ok, I liked 3's version of combat more streamlined.. but the combat in 2 wasn't horrible by any means.. it's just the need to predict what is going to happen in 10 minutes from now that I found horrible.

    TW2 had the best combat out of the whole franchise!

    Nothing needed fixing! If anything number three needs fixing.

    If you're going to fix anything in W2, fix the operator.

    The most frustrating thing i've ever done, so damn buggy.

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