Someone Is Patching Pokemon Into Heroes Of Might And Magic

This isn't quite the cross-over I imagined when I pictured a universe featuring Archangles and Bulbasaurs, but I'll take it.

Image courtesy of Age of Heroes

When you're a franchise as beloved as Pokemon is, you tend to end up in all sorts of cross-overs. So why not the Heroes of Might and Magic series, specifically HoMM 2? That's what user Voyager has been doing over on the Age of Heroes forums, where they've been working on modding Pokemon into the turn-based strategy game for supposedly several years.

"I have the six classes planned out already, and most of the pokemon. I have all 60 portraits (not including expansion) already finished, made by myself," Voyager adds.

They're looking for more artists to help accelerate progress on the project, and you can find their details in the forum thread if you'd like to contribute. Or shut it down, if you're at Nintendo.


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