Someone Is Remaking Metal Gear Solid In The Unreal Engine 4

As a general rule of thumb someone is remaking everything using the Unreal Engine 4, but when it's Metal Gear Solid (and it looks a bit spiffy) you probably have to sit up and take notice.

It looks... pretty good. I think in general the Shadow Moses environment was a little bit plain. Deliberately so, I suspect, to make the game age better and look better using the original PlayStation hardware. For that reason I feel as though it doesn't quite have the 'wow' factor we often get from these projects.

There's also the fact that Metal Gear Solid was already remade for the Gamecube. And then Kojima himself remade the Shadow Moses environment for Metal Gear Solid 4. In short, it's been built and rebuilt a handful of times now.

Still, I'm going to be keeping my eye on this project. It's called 'Shadow Moses' and you can follow its progress on Twitter here


    Ah, that brings back the memories, I loved that game so damn much.
    I really should try one of the later ones.

      I loved MGS so much that I was really hesitant to give 3 a go when I had the opportunity, but three blows 1 out of the water in my opinion. Haven't yet played any of the others, but as far as I was concerned 3 improved on every aspect of 1 without over-complicating things in the way some sequels tend to do.

        I played 1 until my eyes almost bled (including the VR mission disk that was a separate purchase). 2 was really good, but sorta confusing because it went more into secret government type stuff and got more philosophical. 3 was amazing, though at first I didn't like the no-radar bit, after being so used to MGS1 & 2.

        Four was absolutely amazing and parts of the story really moved me emotionally, including when EVA a showed up and you found out she was Snake's surrogate mother, and the part at the end where you think Snake is dead and everyone, including poor little Sunny (who is Olga's daughte), thinks so too. As with 3, there is no radar (and in fact, it's not even an item -- there's just no radar!). You have to watch carefully for enemies and keep an eye on a faint little ring that shows up around Snake to tell him roughly where enemies are.

        I'm only about 30% of the way through 5 and haven't really "got" much of the story yet, but gameplay wise, it's fantastic. I never thought MGS could be an open-world game (thinking it'd be too much like GTA but it actually works really well.

        Only thing that I don't like is that some parts become a little too repetitive, not to mention that the game is set in the 80s, yet Snake has more gadgetry at his disposal than MGS4 which is set in 2014 (including holographic devices and personal "mini metal gears"

        So I'd definitely recommend the others. 2 for the story if you can follow along (and the Colonel's great lines towards the end), 4 for the amazing characters, graphics and story, and 5 for the open-world gameplay, amazing graphics that run great even on crappy old machines and interesting story so far.

          I'm definitely going to be playing 5 at some point but without a home console and only a 3DS (what I played MGS3 on) to complement my PC the others will have to wait until I pick up a sony console or two in a garage sale (the games may be dirt cheap at the moment but the consoles are still a little too much to justify just to play a sprinkling of MGS games and The Last Of Us).

            MGS V is on PC man. Get it it scales super well from meh PC to great.

              I know, that's why I'll be playing it soon (read: when it drops to around $30 or so, I'm pretty cheap). I meant to say I'd have to wait a bit longer for the other MGS games.

    Considering Konami stamped out the remake of the first Metal Gear (even after they got David Effing Hayter on board!!), I doubt this thing will ever see the light of day.

    I'm sure Konami's lawyers will be putting a stop to this any minute now.

    Fuck you, Konami.

    This honestly isn't a sledge but the 'Someone....' headlines across gaming sites these days is a real bad habit isn't it?

    I can't for the life of me right now pick one or several to back this up of course (always the way), but after the 500th one it kind of wears a bit thin.

    I get that the creative achievement should be shown off, but I want to hear more about _the person_ too!

    "Someone burped the Pokemon theme song"

    OK I want to know more though.

    Just saying!

    Well, that sure was a nice environmental showcase, just like every other UE4 remake that's been announced over the past year. Extra points for throwing a few character animations in.

    "A Hind D?"

      "Colonel, What's a Russian Gunship doing here!?"

    It is awesome! but i think publishing this will get it shut down by Konami.

    Yeah, unfortunately I give this about three days before Konami nix this. Which is a shame, because this looks pretty snazzy. Original MGS is best MGS (closely followed by Snake Eater).

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    MIB dispatched to this fellas house any minute now!

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