Sometimes In Dota 2, You Just Get Lucky

Sometimes In Dota 2, You Just Get Lucky

There’s something to be said for keeping your cool under pressure, but I bet that wasn’t the reaction from the player on the other side of the fence in this instance.

WehSing Yuen, better known as SingSing, has been one of the most popular characters in the Dota 2 community. Being incredibly good at the game certainly helps — he finished top 6 with Cloud9 at The International in 2014 — but his inner troll, coupled with his affable nature, is the main drawcard of his stream.

Sometimes, however, you just get lucky out of nowhere. Mid-stream, while having a crack at Roshan, Yuen decided to get up and grab a drink. Playing as Antimage, he left his character to auto-attack and figured everything would be fine by the time he got back.

And he was right. Even though the enemy team nearly killed him in the process.

“That kinda sucks,” Yuen remarked. Bet the other team agrees.


  • Haha Classic Singsing =P

    I may not play DOTA 2 anymore, but i can still appreciate it by watching Sing’s stream!

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