Sony's Attempt To Trademark 'Let's Play' Denied

Briefly: Sony recently attempted to trademark the term "Let's Play" for reasons unknown, but the trademark was denied. "Let's Play" is an incredibly popular, borderline ubiquitous term on YouTube and elsewhere. The company has an opportunity to appeal, and haven't responded to our requests for comment.


    People have argued it was a harmless attempt to trademark an advertising catchphrase, but the trademark application specifically referenced the "Let's Play" format presently popular online. Unclear what they thought they would accomplish here.

      Yeah. It's usually pretty obvious what the goal is with these moves even if the goals themselves are ridiculous, but this one has me stumped. My best bet is that they realised it was popping up a lot with PS4 streaming and decided they should own it just to be safe.

    Bit of a douche bag move, just a cash grab. Stay classy Sony.

    From a professional business point of view, I think its genius. From a gaming/gamer point of view, I think it's absurd. I hope to god they appeal it, and get it so we can really see how stupid the copyright claims and courts really are. Also I would like to see what they do with it, and how they enforce it. But like most things, although I am curios to see what happens if they do get it, the old saying goes, "Curiosity killed the cat". So I think it may turn out bad for all of us if they do get it. Maybe I shouldn't wish for it.

      Considering Youtube's largest contributors is a "Let's Play" person(Pewdiepie(is that right?)) I can see content creators forming an appeal from their side and not only destroying Sony in the courtroom but absolutely smashing them in the 1000's of videos that would be made bad mouthing Sony's actions. If Sony were smart they should slink away quietly.

        Yup... PewDiePie has over 40 million subscribers at the moment, gaining over 1.5 million subscribers just over the last month and a half, and he's nearly doubling the subscriber count of the next most popular Youtube channel, so yeah, PewDiePie is definitely "the big thing" on Youtube at the moment. And has been for years.

        I don't watch his videos at all but it's kind of spectacular how many views he does get.

    Sounds like something Apple would do

      Let's Play videos are often played in a 16:9 non-rounded rectangle, a registered trade dress of Apple Inc. Please cease and desist using Apple's intellectual and artistic properties.

    They might be making some dedicated broadcasting software and/or capturecard/ hardware and wanted a well known phrase to dub it, but its still a filthily disgusting move as it would also leave them on an open road to sue thousands of people.

      filthily disgusting move as it would also leave them on an open road to sue thousands of people.

      I doubt this was their business strategy. lol. But you have a good point with the first part. They must be working on something cool.

    A victory for common sense.

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