Spectacular Fallout 4 Fight Pits 1000 Deathclaws Against 10 Liberty Primes

Video: Who wins when 1000 malevolent mutant monsters swarm ten massively-murderous mechs? The viewing public.

YouTuber EZPlays delivers yet another astounding Fallout 4 fantasy battle, with swarms of Alien-esque Deathclaws attempting to take down ten of the greatest technological achievements of post-apocalyptic mankind.

The whole fight reminds me of something out of an Alien comic book, where writers and artists really got to focus on the ferocity and hive mentality of the iconic xenomorphs without worrying about sticking to a film budget.


    I have a sudden desire to watch Starship Troopers

      That's one movie I hope doesn't get rebooted/remade

      The original was absolutely perfect

        Gave me nightmares for years, though. Slept over at a friends place (next door neighbour) for his birthday party and for whatever reason, his dad let us watch that film (at night). We were around 10-11 years old at the time!

        Destroyed my love of insects in one fell swoop (Arachnophobia destroyed my love of spiders a few years later).

        Last edited 03/01/16 9:46 pm

    It would of been really cool if you could fight a malfunctioning liberty prime as the final boss.
    Like the brotherhood could of had a story after the institute where they try to take over the area.
    Searching for renegade synths.
    I mean that was what they were trying to do but they kinda stopped.

    Oh wow, it sure is good to find out Liberty Prime is in the game when I have not reached whatever point in the story that reveals that! Spoilers in a headline is pretty impolite.

    There are some people who havent finished fallout 4 yet (mainly due to settlement building or y'know, life) and putting liberty prime in the title is pretty damn spoilerific. Not cool guys.

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