Stan Now Available On Xbox One

Owners of the Xbox Juan can now access the Aussie streaming service as an app. Who's up for a Bond marathon?

Stan was already on a slew of other platforms like PS4, mobile/tablet, Telstra TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Samsung/LG TV. Now you can add Xbox One to the list. As someone who personally watches Netflix on the Xbox One, I can personally attest to that wonderful feeling when you get home from work, flop on the couch just wanting to relax and watch some TV for a bit, and get greeted by a 350MB Xbox update that for some reason takes 20 minutes.




    I lol'd at "Xbox Juan".....

      As did I.

      I'm adopting that now, from this point it must be known as Xbox Juan.

        XBjuan doesn't really roll off the tongue as easily as XBone, though.

    Who’s up for a Bond marathon?

    erm they don't have the license to stream the movies anymore, they've been taken down....

    I had the 3 month trial through PSN and it was actually ok. Watched Better Call Saul, Sherlock and a few movies. Works nice and smooth on the PS4, but is a bit of laggy mess on the PS3.

    On PS4 there seems to be a lot of buffering on Stan that I don't get on Netflix or Foxtel Play. I'm not even using wifi, 30Mbps connection and it buffers a lot. That said, I've fully enjoyed blasting through The Next Generation, next up Deep Space 9 and then onto Stargate. Screw all the new shows

    I only noticed the other day that abc iview is on X1 now! That needed it's own story!

    Finally! Saved me $50, since now I don't need to buy another Chromecast for the man-cave TV

    I'm guessing your Xbox is setup to not auto download updates, Junglist? I've seen maybe 3 update screens ever on XBO, since 2013 launch.

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