Steam Achievement Reminds Players That They've Failed Completely

Steam Achievement Reminds Players That They have Failed Completely

I just got annihilated by a boss monster in a time somewhere between "the blink of an eye" and "the memory span of a newborn goldfish". I should be fuming. Instead, I'm grinning like an idiot. The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is a new Steam undersea action-adventure game in which you, the last human, return to an Earth consumed by a strange, almost alien sea. Your character decides to explore it. That... might not be the best idea.

The Earth's watery grave is not wholly hostile. In places, it can be stunningly peaceful — almost inviting — with its pastel undersea pasture of warmly coloured plants and submarine-sized fish. Observe:

However, it should be noted that the submarine-sized fish are the small ones. They won't usually try to kill you. They will leave that to the big ones. This is a game that wants you to feel helplessly small.

The contrast between almost comatose silence and violent unrest — chill and kill, as it were — is what defines The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human: The Best Game Of 2016 That Desperately Needs A Shorter Name. Things are really relaxing until they really, really aren't. I learned that the hard way against the game's first boss.

I was just floating along, minding my own business, and marvelling at how incredibly small the game managed to make me feel. Only a few minutes in, and I could already feel myself being drawn in deep. I wanted to know what happened to Earth, what sorts of creatures took humanity's place at the top of the food chain. Before long, I found my first weapon: a humble harpoon. It felt fitting, somehow, that my weapon against undersea terrors that outlived my species' history and legacy was... a pointy stick. We did it, humanity. We came full circle. Back to the basics. "OK," I thought to myself pridefully, "whatever's out there can bite me. I, the last human, will overcome the odds just like the first humans before me."

Then I got absolutely trucked by a giant worm.

Skip to the end of the video for the aforementioned trucking.

The fight — it wasn't even a fight, as I mounted no noticeable offence — was over in a seconds. "BULLSHIT," I wanted to yell. Instead, I couldn't help but notice that I'd unlocked an achievement, my first in the whole game. Curious, I decided to see what it was about.

Here is what it was about:

Steam Achievement Reminds Players That They have Failed Completely

Oh. Well... that's humbling. Downright embarrassing, really, given all the high-minded garbage about humanity and overcoming the odds I was spouting before. It makes sense, though: The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is a game that wants you to feel small. It's one thing to do that with physical size alone; it's another to take all my Typical Video Game Hero bravado and smash it right out of me in seconds — to remind me not only that being the last doesn't make me the best, but that all humans are now dead because I got sloppy. That's what I call a welcome.


    What about dying in Ninja Gaiden 2 100 times?

    Not that I would know, I never got it...

      Yeah, or dieing 1000 times in hotline miami 2.
      Not that i would know about that...

      Last edited 20/01/16 6:51 pm

        It took me a while to get the first death achievement in Dark Souls 2.

          50 Cent: Blood on the Sand has a 0-point achievement called "not bulletproof" for dying on Easy, I giggled and never got that one :)

    Akumu mode in The Evil Within. Death death death death death death la di da di death death death death death. Death .

    If you're really the last human, then humans are as good as extinct even before you die.

    I was personally pretty amused by the 'touchdown' achievement in Fallout 4 from dying to a supermutant suicider's mini-nuke.

    Its *any* nuke. I got wiped out by the raider in power armour in Lexington about 20 mins after I felt like a badass taking out the first deathclaw in Concord. My jaw dropped and then I laughed when it popped up. Great stuff. More achievements need to be the best ways to FAIL and not just succeed

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