Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! Hits Steam Early Next Month

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! Hits Steam Early Next Month

One awesome thing about the mobile device explosion has been the conversion of all the great adventure books that came out in the 80s and 90s, such as Fighting Fantasy, into apps. It may seem unfair that they don’t make the transition to other platforms, but for PC gamers at least, that pain has been lessened by the upcoming arrival of Sorcery!.

There’s nothing quite like flipping through the pages yourself, keeping track of your stamina and inventory with a pencil and rolling a six-sided die, but it’s nice to have those systems streamlined when the electronic experience comes along. And that’s exactly what’s happened with Sorcery!.

If you own a mobile phone or tablet, Sorcery! is old news, but for those who are desktop-bound (hopefully not permanently) this is a welcome addition to Valve’s (and your own) ever-growing catalogue of PC games.

If you’re not familiar with Sorcery! (or Fighting Fantasy), here’s a short description of what the game entails:

Battle weird and ruthless creatures using our unique strategic duelling mechanic. Outwit the citizens of the city at Swindlestones. Wield powerful magic, with over forty spells to choose from, with powerful, story-changing effects. Unearth the City’s turbulent history and find its hidden secrets.

A fully interactive story with thousands of choices and hundreds of thousands words of content, all your decisions shape the adventure you undertake. Our inklewriter technology writes the story in real-time, including procedurally combat sequences and banter with locals. No two games will be quite the same!

It’s out on Steam on 3 February, which is a bit over two weeks away. Try to survive until then!

Sorcery! Parts 1 and 2 [Steam]


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