Suicide Squad Actually Looks Okay In This New Trailer

Suicide Squad has been taking hits ever since the reveal of Jared Leto's Joker and those horrible tattoos.

The tattoos haven't gotten any better, but the trailers sure have.

The latest trailer for Suicide Squad has been released and I have to say, it's almost looks like... a breath of fresh air. Like the tone of it is starting to make sense in context. Don't get me wrong: this movie could still be terrible, but I'm ever so slightly more likely to watch this now.


    Still not sold on Leto, but the rest looks good.
    I like that Smith is relatively not recognisable, either in appearance or in the way he usually plays this kind of thing. Except for the head-tilt-glance-at-the-ground thing.

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      I actually quite liked what we saw of Leto's performance... I still cannot stand his design though.

    Looks amazing. Love the aesthetic Ayer has brought to it. It's got that same 'different and fun' vibe to it that Guardians brang, something setting it apart from other comicbook movies.

    The first footage of WonderWoman was solid as hell too.

    Edited again... ffs.

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      I think it will either be glorious, or a shit sandwich.
      Can't see it being 'eh, okay'.

      dual post.

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      Is that part of her invisible jet?

      Upvote for bringing the brang.

        Sunshine Coast Windscreens? The hell I just watch @weresmurf ;)

          No idea honestly lol. I have no idea where that came from. Fixed tho!

            No, it aint.

            Try this one:
            EDIT: Holy shit Kevin Smith has lost some weight.

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              Something fuckys going on.... I legit cut and pasted from youtube, tried and tested 3 times when I edited and it was working... and now it changed back.


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      Wonder Woman would be wondering what that hell that link has to do with Wonder Woman

    I'm really worried that the first hour or so will just be the Joker setting up Batman to appear in Dawn of Justice, which won't mesh with the rest of the film -which may actually be good based on recent footage & plot leaks.

      This comes out, and happens, after Dawn of Justice.

        Sui Squad is set before BvS

          It's still not 100% clear exactly what the timeline is on Suicide Squad, other than there's a portion of it that takes place prior (which apparently may involve Batman himself). Guess we have to wait for an official announcement.

            It doesn't matter when it's set, the issue is that it's released before DoJ so the studio wants people to see that the BatFleck is worth seeing in DoJ since they won't have anything else to go on & he's already copped lots of scorn in the press & online.

              I may have misread what youve said there... its not very clear.

              But DoJ is out in March. This is out in August.

                That it was meant to be the other way around.

                No matter.

                Just seems like too much time devoted to the Joker when it doesn't need to be.

    That does make it look better. I've adjusted my opinion from "hot garbage" to "tepid rubbish".

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    This looks like it will just be a live action version of the DC cartoon movie Assault on Arkham (which was pretty great)

    I fucking CLAPPED after I watched this. Then watched it again. SO in my wheelhouse.

    Leto will be fine.

    Bohemian Rhapsody?

    Sorry, but that is the most overrated song of all time.

    Say what you will...

    So queen is the band of choice: bohemian rhapsody is suicide squads roll out song, and don't stop me now would be jokers theme? Smith instantly recognisable as the black guy being beat on by cops.

    It kind of looks like a really good TV show or a B-/C+ grade action movie (with late 90's flair). Not saying it's bad, it just doesn't look like the production values are super high (actually kind of reminds me of the 'Thomas Jane' punisher movie).

    Even with an extended action-chocked trailer scored to one of the most loved rock songs in history...

    I'm still not convinced.

    It might be Will Smith. I never rated him. And Margot is so hot it hurts, but she'll need to demonstrate a greater range than we've seen to date to sell 'edgy'. Leto will nail it, but enough to eclipse Hedger? Hard to imagine. Finally, Ayers is running on the last fumes of any goodwill I harbour from his last actually decent movie, Training Day.

    So many hurdles to overcome, I'm calling it early. It'll be okay, but not stellar. It'll do good box office in the first few weeks, but quickly disappear. DC fans will talk about it longer, but mostly over whether it was canon or not. The rest of us will go 'meh' and quickly move onto some other fixation.

    Trailer was good but I preferred the I Started a Joke song used in the original trailer.

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