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    For those that didn't see, Lincoln Serrels entered the world last night. Congrats to @markserrels and Heizy.

    The first thing Freya did after finding out was offer her baby photography services. So. Damned. Clucky.

      Weeeeee! Congrats @markserrels!

        Congrats @markserrels indeed! What a way to start 2016 :)

        Oh and Happy Monday all, hope if it's your first day back at work that it's a fun and cruisey one :)

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          Your name perfectly describes my Monday perfectly. (With a bit of creative pronunciation)

            Ha ha, that is the beauty of it, it works on so many levels! (though if it's the pronunciation I am thinking right now it is a bit of a tragic start to your week)

            Hope from here on out it's all smooth sailing Alex! :)

          Some of us actually don't get christmas breaks.

          *sigh* I need a new job.

          Oh, and congrats @markserrels. All teh notifications for you.

            I got four days off over christmas day and boxing day, then three days off over NYE (due to public holidays only), and back to it normally today, so I'm definitely sympathetic.

            At the moment, I'm saving my time off for May/June this year, I'm heading over to Hawaii and NYC with the girlfriend :D

    Didn't get to bed til nearly 3. Only slept 3 hours then woke an hour early for no reason. Fell asleep and woke half an hour after alarm, because power outage had time and alarm on opposing meridians. Pouring rain the moment I had to leave. Couldn't sleep on the train. Ugh, work. Crappy new year initiate!

    ...huh, only six support tickets waiting for me.

      I'll trade you for the annoying neighbor that really, really needed to clean their backyard by making as much noise as possible directly outside my bedroom window at 5 in the morning.

    Happy new year everyone! Congrats (or possibly commiserations?) to @markserrels and @sunsoar77 on their new little ones.

    So the one advantage of working over the break is that it doesn't feel quite so bad to be at work this morning! The major disadvantage is having to listen to how much fun everyone had on holidays... screw those guys.

    I don't remember most of New Year's Eve. Spent two days wondering if I broke a toe. Had a bunch of friends over and did nothing for two days.

    Working 12 hours today on 1 hour sleep. Excited for bed.

    Happy New Solar Rotation

    Hola Tayberinos

    I cbf recapping an entire two weeks, you all follow me on twitter, so the dot points

    - Despite having to throw out the entire christmas turkey, Christmas was saved.
    - Kapunda dust storms were a thing, because of the bushfires in the area
    - We lost two giant rainwater tanks full of water when a pipe burst
    - Star Wars I saw twice and loved twice
    - I built a Bloodborne saw cleaver and I have done the foam for my n7 bicep and pauldron, so I'm on the way!
    - Congrats to @beeawwb whose victory in Subterfuge is a foregone conclusion at this point

    A Monday Morning Question: What's your non-resolution 2016 goal or project?

      Dig my way out of my room, make it spacious and/or usable.

      ...Maybe I'll try again in 2017.

      @beeawwb is a real shit in Subterfuge.

      I'm planning to start making my own music, in a completely different direction to what I've done already.

        He's played the waiting game in this one. I got drawn in to a fight with one of @gingerchris86's friends after he was aggressively non aggressive, which has lead to jostling with @freezespreston and Chris for the rest of the game.

        I did kill someone's queen by surprise though, so that's nice.

          I learned from last time where I peaked too early.

          Also apologies in advance Red, you may want to turn off notifications on your phone. You're about to get 6 hours and 20 minutes of them. Errrr... make that 10 hours and 20 minutes.

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            My only plan at this point is to hold second place for 30 hours.

      I'd like to sort my belongings out a bit better. Right now my room looks like a four-year-olds with the amount of figures and other nonsense around. I wanna strip that back a bit and at least look like an adult in some ways..

      I intend to make time for the big RPGs I've been meaning to get into - Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity, and SWTOR. Hmm... might have to stretch this out over a few years...

    Morning, TAY! Hope you're well!

    The first thing my boss said when I walked in today was: "What's a 'Powalen'? What's 'Secret SanTAY'?" as he handed me a parcel that was delivered over the break :P

    Cover blown! Had to explain so many things. Let's hope he doesn't google anything.

    (Not opening it until I get home just in case I have to explain anything else to them haha)

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      "oh it's just a thing where people from the Internet, sends presents anonymously, nothing suss"... *walks off*

      you've got no idea how many times I've been asked "What's a welbot?" or "WTF is TAY?"

      Have we done a "Look what my I got off my Secret SanTAY match" thread yet?

        I think people just periodically chime in whenever their present arrives.

        I can't remember if I used my secret SanTAY's real name or TAY name last year. I know I sent someone a game one time and had to ask if their TAY/twitter name was suitable given it was going to a PO Box that I assumed belonged to their employer.

    I've fallen into the Android: Netrunner hole in a big way. Others should join me! is a fantastic tool to play online (much better than OCTGN, which we've tried in the past).

    I went to my FLGS yesterday to test out a new deck. First game was rough. Super rough. The deck has a lot of interactions and synergies that involve knowing timing windows very well. I almost snuck out a victory against the guy I consider the best player that frequents that store. A bit more luck and some more familiarity with the deck would've done the trick.

    Next game was against the guy that loves to put together some amazingly silly and frustrating decks. Got trounced. Just didn't know how to tackle what he was doing. We played again with another one of his decks. It became the silliest game of Netrunner either of us had seen. Both of us made ridiculous piles of money. I had to use all of my gas to get through and came so damned close to victory. Then I lost and we vowed never to play that matchup ever again.

    Played someone I hadn't met before after that. Didn't draw the key card I needed for the matchup and he got to do his thing before I could do my thing, easy win for him.

    Finally played the worst player in the store (I've decided I'm second worst). We played a frustratingly long game that I had guaranteed victory from about 5 minutes in. It was just a matter of where the agendas were sitting in his deck. They were down the bottom. Bonus points for me baiting him into some terrible decisions in order to slow me down.

    I originally wasn't going to keep going with this deck after the first game. Now that I can see how all the parts slot together better, I'm thinking it's worth continuing with. It's a real pain in the ass to pilot well but I'm learning a lot about the game by learning the deck.

      I'd be interested in playing online :D

        Most excellent.

        Easiest way to get started is to go to and use their deckbuilder tool to put something together or copy one of the many, many decklists published on the site. Grab a text version of the decklist and copy/paste that into Jinteki's deckbuilder. Then you're pretty much good to go.

    New years eve was pretty awesome. I was at a friend's house where his backyard was a pier, so we stood there watching fireworks going off from multiple directions around us, so pretty great. 5/7 would go next year!

    I also got some time to play Risk of Rain, after finally getting multiplayer actually working, and gotta say, WAY better with friends as you don't get so easily overwhelmed. I managed to get to the final boss but due to my lack of hard sustain (2HP per hit was all I had, I was taking 100s of points in damage at a time) I got slaughtered in phase 2. Oh well, furthest I've gotten! Also we've reached the final boss level of Castle Crashers with my UNLIMITED POWER!red lightning knight with a crit hammer. Unfortunately due to a game crash on one of my friend's end, we had to stop as we went all the way back to the start of the final level.

    As for recent board games, I had my first Easy win of XCOM: The Board Game with only two players. If you're curious to see how close we were to losing, I think this shows the intensity of the situation... look at the panic tracker on the bottom of the photo, we lost one continent to full panic and every other continent was one more panic counter away from falling into full panic as well (We get 2 fully panicked continents total, we lose the game) basically if we lost the final mission, it's game over due to how much we lost in the defence of the continents and soldiers in defending the base.


      I got to play Orleans, which I was a bit wary of because the description sounded complex, but it's actually a really cool guy. Also played Between two cities, which I liked but probably wouldn't buy (it occupies too much of an overlap between 7 Wonders and Suburbia, I don't need all three) and finally got my copy of Quantum to the table which I thought worked really well but I want to try with larger play counts.

      Also, Burgle Bros continues to be a stone hit, and we all love 7 wonders.

        Orleans seems like my jam but I haven't seen anyone bust out a copy at any of my regular board gaming groups.

        Between Two Cities fills an important gap between 7 Wonders and Surburbia where new players can work out the flow of those games much, much more easily. It's the game you'd use to work people up to 7 Wonders or Suburbia so if your group is already playing those games, you don't need it. It's still rad. I still want it.

          Oh, I thought it was great, I just don't need it in my collection. If a friend bought it I'd be all over it.

          And Orleans has a really neat system of bag-building. My mistake was not increasing my draw size and not looking close enough at the scoring matrix early on, but I did get to eat a lot of food I found laying on the road, so there's that.

      Anton and I have been playing 7 Wonders duel, which is a bit frustrating, but overall a good strategy game.

      I learnt viticulture, which was hard.

      Bought new ships for attack wing, so likely to start binging that again!.

      Finally played Codenames, really really good.

      We played a bunch of games over the Christmas break.

      The standout was Patchwork, a quilt making game where you collect buttons. Super elegant. The game does everything it tries to do extremely well (as you'd expect from Uwe Rosenberg). I ordered a copy online pretty much as soon as we got home. Now I need to go buy a bajillion buttons to replace the cardboard buttons in the game.

        I've considered getting that for my mother, but I want to play it first.

          There's enough depth to make decisions interesting while being simple enough that anyone can play and feel like they're doing well. The spatial reasoning could be a bit of a hindrance but it also makes the game incredibly satisfying. It's just one of those games where doing things feels good.

          And if you win, you get to be BUTTON KING!

          I don't know if your mother would like it. I know you will.

            Maybe I'll just order it for mother's day.

            Or track it down at the next board game day I go to. Though I'm lined up to DM a D&D session AND play Agricola at that one.

      Holy shit someone else plays Risk of Rain? YES!

      I've recently gotten into it again - I clocked it with a few different characters a while back, then switched PC's and managed to lose my save files. They have since added CHEF, who is my new favourite character.

        I've only got Enforcer, Bandit and Miner at the moment, enjoying the bandit the most (My ring finger isn't though lol, artificially firing faster by hammering the Z key xD). We only managed to get the game going through Hamachi/LAN, never internet, so take what you can get, really. Also ESET was being a pain so I had to disable it during play.

          Have you got the Command artifact yet? If you have, CHEF is literally the easiest class to unlock - you just have to choose the right items when you're choosing perks. Loader is also pretty easy to unlock with Command, since you just choose different items.

          When I was playing before (before Loader and CHEF were introduced) I loved the Engineer, but CHEF is my homeboy now. Being able to 1-shot Magma Worms is up there with world peace as the best thing ever.

            I don't believe I do yet, the only artifact I've gotten is the one that randomises item abilities. Not ideal :P

              Command is pretty easy - when you get to the Alien Hive level, just go to the top right of the map. There's a bunch of ropes hanging off the ceiling that appear and disappear (but you can climb on them even when they're invisible). Just jump from rope to rope until you reach the platform on the right.

              Seriously, that one artifact makes the rest of the game a breeze. It means you get to choose what item you want every time you get a drop, rather than having it randomized.

              Also, Acrid is pretty easy to unlock - every time you reach the 3rd level go to the top right of the map, you'll see a cage and if you open it a mini-boss jumps out, kill him and you unlock Acrid.

                We do look for them every playthrough but we can never see any ropes ever at all on the top right :( I'll keep trying.
                Also need to play it solo for a bit to try and get the robot janitor. I don't care if he's melee, I want the bloody robot!

                  Han-D is a garbage character for broken people (because I can't get the hang of him).

                  Bow to the CHEF. CHEF is love. CHEF is life.

                  Let me know if you get online play working, I'd be keen to hit that up!

    Happy new year everyone..

    Whilst 2015 was an okay year for me in the end, i'm glad it's over. Onward & upward for 2016 or some shit like that right?

    First day back at work. Woo, yeah, huzzah, etc.

    On the bright side, I learned that the coffee place near work is open to menu suggestions, so I'm sitting at my desk sipping a banana smoothie with two espresso shots in it.

      Verdict? Cuz that sounds awesome

        The bananas were a little green but other than that it's pretty nice.

          I hope I can try one of those one day, cuz I love banana smoothies, and I love coffees, this should be a no brainer :)

      You magnificent bastard... *wanders off to local cafe*

    While I think of it, does anyone need Steam Christmas cards? I'm happy to trade for any Christmas cards I don't have, or for cards from any games (preferably that I own).
    I have:
    One of card 5 - The Black Ice Boys
    Four of card 6 - Sending a Message
    Two of card 10 - Guess Who's Coming To Town
    Two of card 11 - Redemption

    FYI the cards expire 4am tomorrow and need to be traded/used before then.

      I need Zippy's demise, The Black Ice Boys and Guess Who's Coming To Town to make my level 3 badge :( CJ said he counter-offered them to me but Steam says I have nothing at all pending.

      Last edited 04/01/16 10:47 am

        If you have a spare of 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, or 9 I'll trade you a Guess Who?

        Sent you a black ice boys

          Thanks, but as you don't use an authenticator it says it'll take 24 hours to come through so will expire by then :P

            Wait, trade happens instantly with the mobile app?
            I thought it was the same as the email

            Bah, I can't even enable it to push it through now

            Last edited 04/01/16 12:17 pm

              It does allow instant gifting, but only if you've been using it for 7 days

              Last edited 04/01/16 1:35 pm

      I have
      2 x One of card 5 - The Black Ice Boys
      1 x Four of card 6 - Sending a Message

      Free if anybody needs them to complete the badge

      FYI, I'm pretty sure all trades (edit: trades involving people not using 2-factor authentication) take 24hrs to finalize, so if that embargo isn't over before the cards expire, you might be shit out of luck. If you care about getting the badge, the standard price for each card is seven cents.

      Make sure to sell your duplicates or crush them into gems before they evaporate.

      Last edited 04/01/16 11:49 am

        Alternatively, put two-factor auth on because why not? A minor inconvenience for a massive jump in account security, and it gets rid of all trading issues.

          Do you need to get a code when you login from home? Or is it like the email that you do it from a PC a couple of times and then it doesn't check again?

            I've never had to use it for my home PC via client (presumably because I've saved my credentials after a successful login), and you don't have to use it for the phone client (seeing as it's in it...) so it only holds you up via the website, and I have no problems with that.

          I actually tried to do that to get my community badge, but it wouldn't bloody work! Nothing ever prompted me to put a code in.

          Maybe it was just buggy that week and I should try again.

        I would think trades waiting for confirmation would be protected from expiring since they leave your inventory. Tis possible, but my thoughts is it should be ok

        For some reason I can't turn my cards into a badge. The option just isn't available. :/

      I need some, but no idea what numbers or names they are.
      Currently I have
      1x Santa's Workshop
      1x Zippy's Demise
      1x Holly
      1x Twinkle
      2x Black Ice Boys
      2x Sending a message
      1x Taffy
      1x You better watch out
      1x You better not cry
      1x Guess who's coming to town
      2x Redemption

      willing to trade any 2x for any I don't have!

    I feel like I might want to sell Splatoon.
    Turned it on yesterday, and my prevailing thought was "I've played this before, and what I played was better than this", and that's only for the single-player.
    I don't know if its because the Ratchet abd Clank games have spoiled me with their gameplay, but this just felt kinda lax.

      I mean, you're not wrong, but that's because its primary draw is online multiplayer, the same as Battlefield or Battlefront. If online multiplayer ain't your jam then Splatoon probably ain't your jam.

      Last edited 04/01/16 10:56 am

      Yeah, didn't do much for me either. Have since sold my Wii U. Unless Nintendo blow me away with the NX I think I'm officially done with Nintendo consoles.

    It's 2016, I've finished my diplomas, I'm going from fast food / warehousing / post-school-entry-level jobs into what television university ads call "The Real World" slowly walking towards the light like a nervous wreck with an interview-ready smile that looks like bent railroad tracks in a rumbling earthquake.

    I've never had a proper professional job interview before, that's why I'm freaking out...

      Don't lie
      Don't be afraid to embellish
      If they ask for examples of something (EG. When did you take control of a situation?) there is no harm in using non work examples
      Stay calm (easier said than done)
      Check the company out online and try to get a feel for the company culture. Then shape your answers around that

        That last one is especially useful. Often they'll ask if you know what they do there, and if you have done your research, it goes a long way to impressing them rather than just saying "Well, I know you make xxxx"

      These are the best times. Enjoy!

      If it helps, getting an interview should be a reassuring thing - it means they liked the look of your resume enough to sit down with you and share a bit to see if you and the employer are a good fit. The interview is the fun part. :)

        funAbsolute madman :P

          Bah, I think it's best to reject the paradigm that considers job interviews to be about petitioners kneeling in supplication to the gods of employment, desperately seeking approval... and and think about it as something casual and stress free, like a first date. There's already some interest there, this is just a process of seeing if you're a match. And that works both ways. You want to see if that corporate culture's a good fit, too.

          And while no-one likes rejection, and it's always disappointing to not get something you really want, it's still better than faking to please to succeed at getting a job you're not suited to, then spending all your work life trying to contort to meet their expectations of who you aren't actually, and suffering under the resulting friction or resentment that you're not already what they wanted you to be.

            and think about it as something casual and stress free, like a first dateYou know, I think I agree with you. In that it seems like it can be totally fine when it is something that chance thrusts upon you, rather than something you seek out yourself. Seems to be my experience at least!

              Wait. ...We can't agree, we're Transient and Gooky. You grew a beard and I had to shave mine off.

                It's circumstantial agreement, I'm sure it squeezes in amongst the whole yin/yang thing well enough.

                Also did your beard get infected or something? D:

                  No, I had to just to maintain oppositeness.

                  (Also, I couldn't remember what I looked like under there. It's been YEARS.)

                  @transientmind Ok so that's basically how this happened. Had time off, started getting lazy, thought "I haven't had hair for *years*, I wonder what it's doing these days. Let's grow it out." Then the 'Gief thing happened so the top hair went, but the beard stayed.

                  Inb4 you decide to grow it back at the same time I decide to get rid of it :P

    So, Christmas resulted in 3 new games. Elder Scrolls Online, Wasteland 2 and Fallout 4.

    Need to spend more time with ESO.
    Wasteland 2 is a much better game for the overall theme of choice and survival. Similar to X-COM, every choice you make is important (including combat) and where you invest in your stat points. You can max out a characters lockpicking, but that character will have zero points in everything else. Perks are also more rare, so you have to think about which perk you want.

    Fallout 4 is a really enjoyable game, but not for the reasons that it should be. The leveling up and new perk system is great and the settler system is pretty fun (if a bit limited). They've got an addictive nature that makes me want to keep playing to improve my towns by collecting stuff and giving me a great desire to level up to get more perks.

    However, where the system falls apart is that it destroys the 'survival' theme of the series. There's no real feeling that I've doing my best to stay alive (outside combat at least), I'm not really scrounging around for a bite to eat or desperately looking for a small piece of leather to help improve my armour. There's no real difference between grabbing a wrench or grabbing a screwdriver, they both result in the same amount of steel. So, whenever I want to improve a settlement, I'm not carefully looking for important pieces, I'm just clearing out every building and box then dumping them back home.

    I'm happy that I'm getting use out of the crap that litters these games. Because everybody knows a wrench had no reason to be picked up in previous Fallout games (it's not like you were ever short on caps that you need to sell everything).

    The perk system is great but I'm never thinking about my choices. There's never really a moment where I 'need' to get a particular perk, I know I can just unlock everything eventually.

    The problem with Fallout 4 is that it's one huge collectathon. You're collecting all trash to upgrade your settlement, you want to upgrade your settlement because you want the numbers on the screen to be high, you want to level up so you can 'collect' all the perks.

    The most egregious example of this mentality comes to the Power Armour suits. Previously, the Power Armour were just dreams, a goal you can only hope to achieve until you spend many in-game hours doing quests and exploring until you can eventually wear them. It was a little easier to get one in Fallout 3, but you still needed the right perk and the right questline completed. Here, you're given a freebie before you fully complete the tutorial of the game (I'm counting up until you unlock the ability to create settlements). In what would be described as a scripted moment in any other game, taking out a group of raiders with ease and then going toe-to-toe with a Deathclaw (why the hell would this guy be in a tutorial?).

    Not only do you have your own Power Armour that required no effort to gain, but the Commonwealth is littered with these suits. I haven't even been looking for them and I already own 5. I found 3 within 30 seconds of sprinting from each other. Power Armour is not special anymore, it's a collectable. I want them all because I want to finish my collection. If this game was designed by Ubisoft you would have a huge map full of icons to clear out.

    The worst part is how they're handling the story. The intro was so rushed it makes everything unbelievable. Seems like they were so excited over their new settlement, crafting and PA system that they put little thought into the intro. You're rushed into the vault, into a cyrotube and out the door. Your character has zero reaction to anything. Already collecting bottlecaps because everybody knows you use bottlecaps for currency. Don't you think your character would be slightly hesitant when a fucking Deathclaw bursts out of the ground? Or get a little bit more upset over their partner getting shot in the head?

    and I bet I can already see the plot twist coming a mile away. You don't have to answer this, but I bet your baby isn't a baby and is probably an adult. Since it was a little obvious at the start of the game that you were re-frozen after your baby was stolen.

      The more I played Fallout 4 the more I got the impression that the Settlement stuff was tacked on after a good chunk of the game was made? I think if I didn't have Settlement stuff (which I have to do thanks to my completionist OCD) I would have a very different experience in this Fallout game. Have to admit to not being a fan of the open-ended skill tree; it's nice knowing you can unlock everything but at the same time I'm not focusing on any particular play style because I know I can unlock everything which is in stark contrast to how I experienced Skyrim.

      All in all still a good game; just missing some of the lustre that used to come with the series.

    So I started playing some Duelyst over the weekend; overall a really really cool game! It's like a cross between a turn based strategy game and a card game. Matches usually last 5-10min and so far I've been beaten repeatedly! That said I have to admit to absolutely loving the animation and interface they've used; it just feels so... polished?

    Also started playing some Skyforge over the weekend; I'm kind of in mixed thoughts about this game. Loving the gameplay and the MMO itself while levelling however it's very very unorthodox for a MMO. It's so out of the box that I'm not certain the game has any healers or dedicated tanking classes? The only support class I've played so far can cast a shield and buff defense but can't actually heal? The tank class can generate aggro and cast a shield but doesn't have any dedicated aoe oriented spells? It's very weird and personally a breath of fresh air in a very stale genre. Oh and you can only create a single character which can get access to all classes over time.... Kind of mixed on this one but enjoying it as much as I enjoyed levelling in FF-14!

    Was speaking to my sister-in-law's boyfriend (whom I already don't like because, well, he's a bit of a twat)
    On the weekend, because he was super excited that he just picked up Fallout 4, and this was his first Fallout game blahblah... I then said something in the line of "Well we can all agree that one of the best things about the Fallout universe is the music, because dat radio station!" to which he replied "I wouldn't know, I turned the music off"...

      We make all these jokes about you being German, and here you go and point out that you're actually on speaking terms with a person who sounds a fair bit like Hitler.

      I haven't turned the music off but I have turned my PipBoy radio off. The only times I get music is if I'm walking past a radio that's on.

        There's only so many times I can listen to Danny Kaye.

          Yeah, I remember getting sick of the music (as good as it was) in Fallout 3 so I thought I'd do what my friend did (in that game) and go with only incidental music. It works pretty well from my perspective.

            All my settlements have plenty of Diamond City-tuned radios littered about to make them little musical hot-spots.

            I'm not sure if it's random or not, but it really does seem that two or three songs seem to get prioritized for the whole 'incidental' discovery of music. So you seem to get more variety by listening to it solid, but burn out on the limited selection faster.

            I downloaded a mod that doubled the songs and that was good, but still not enough.

            Just think about how you'd cope with your phone only having access to two dozen tracks... You'd go insane and pretty much stop listening to it.

              That seems to be my experience too. Incidentally I think I've only really heard 4 or 5 songs on the DCR tuned radios. Weird.

      I turn music off in most games tbh. Things like GTA and by the sounds of what you're saying, I likely wouldn't in fallout either, but probably 90% of games I end up turning it off. Not sure if it's because it's distracting, or that I often use skype to talk while playing, but I just usually end up turning it off after the first 10 mins

        Fallout has a very good atmospheric soundtrack that is often underappreciated because the radio station is the default for most people. If you don't like (or get sick of) the music, just turn it off. You won't miss that much.

          One day, if I ever get around to/live long enough to play it!

    Hi all! Hope everyone had a good break. I had a pretty relaxed week-and-a-bit at my folks place - saw TFA again, read a couple of the newer Star Wars books (Aftermath and Lost Stars), which were pretty good (and fleshed out the interim between RotJ and TFA), and started on Sanderson's new Mistborn novel. Games-wise, I got through the last three episodes of Life Is Strange (so good!) and spent a good 15-20 hours playing Sunless Sea, which is delightfully creepy (but annoying as all hell at times). Also played Mu Complex, which was a pretty neat little hacking game (if you can get past the all-powerful cat that somehow can extract TAR archives, transcribe audio files and read PDFs to command line).

    While Steam trading cards are fresh in my mind, if anyone has doubles of anything and they're looking to trade it for cards/backgrounds/emotes/stuff, feel free to give me a shout whenever. I'm always looking to finish badges for games I like (and level up badges for games I love).

    Hey. I finished the persona bookmarks
    Any feedback would be good. Sorry, a bit out of it. Been playing so much Dancing all night.

    Last edited 04/01/16 12:54 pm

    So I mentioned my Saw Cleaver, I'm pretty happy with it:

    Now I just need to work out, y'know, the rest of the costume.

    TAY RPG Pathfinder!

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    I honestly cannot remember and I forgot to make a note of when we next wanted to play Pathfinder. Were you guys interested in getting the Monday Knights rolling again tonight or starting up in a little while? Also, @gingerchris86 when were you running Interface Zero so that I don't accidentally conflict with your sessions?

      Ummmmm, I don't have internet at my new place yet and I might not until mid-next week (12th or 13th). I can still try and get on via a mobile connection and my laptop but no idea how well that'll work.

        There's no real rush to getting back into it if you don't even have internet yet. I'm happy to wait a while so that we can start off the Monday Knights on a strong note.

          I can pretty much guarantee* I'll be online by the 18th. I'm scheduled for an install on the 12th, just allowing an extra couple days for activation.

          *guarantee may not be honoured.

          Actually we might be ok. I picked up my TPG supplied modem at lunch and plugged it in and from what I can tell it's got sync. I'll check after work to see if my PC agrees (my phone connected to wifi and browsed, so signs point to yes)

          Just FYI my internet IS working, so whenever the group is good to go I'll be available.

      Interface Zero is tonight, so if you can, please run pathfinder next week and we'll go from there.

      Since everyone is unable to do it tonight I insistently demand we do it tonight.

      Alrighty then. No Pathfinder tonight and I'll see what we can do for the future. I'm most likely going to be busy on next Monday (11th) so I'm probably going to aim for the 18th to start things rolling from there. That might conflict with Interface Zero so we'll need to sort something out.

      Edit: Cool. Things are sorted now so we'll pass on Pathfinder for the next two weeks and return to adventure on the 18th. Thanks to everyone for being so accommodating.

      Last edited 04/01/16 2:24 pm

      Thank you for reminding me I should really read and use Mutant Year Zero

        And thank you for the reference to a game that looks really, really interesting. Now I need to read Mutant Year Zero *adds it to the pile*.

          I will probably end up running that online, if I ever get around to reading it.

    Dammit this lady keeps forwarding us the same e-mail crap she's spamming to all her friends. And this time even though the message contains a note about removing names and using BCC, both at the top and bottom, yet she's still ignoring it.

    Need a damn Unsubscribe link.

      Create Rule > Check "Subject Contains" > Paste in the entire subject line of troublesome email > then Check "Move to Folder" > Browse and Select "Deleted Items"
      works for me :)

        Don't think I've got that on this system, would probably have to bug someone else about it. Ehh, at least I can waste time telling her to go away :P

          Oh, it's not Outlook?

            Nah, Help Scout. No idea what handles the funneling of stuff into it, this end's all I've got to play with.

            Apparently the lady who had my job before only had Outlook in her new spot doing the same thing. Sounds horrible, I hope she managed to convince them to let her use this instead.

              "WORKFLOWS" is what you're after. They're the 'Outlook rules' of Help Scout


              "By default, only Administrators can create and manage workflows" :'(

              Last edited 04/01/16 2:17 pm

    Heh, decided to see if my old 8800GTS graphics card still worked, it sorta does.. I mean you can see stuff on the screen, but this is what it looks like haha also the fan sounds like a jet engine..

    Wrong thread!

    *conjures mental image of secretly being a Yarny-like entity with a human costume on, and the 'wrong thread' when pulled unveils the creature beneath.*

    Last edited 04/01/16 1:14 pm

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