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    Good morning. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

      Worked Sat but Mummy and Tiglet came to visit so we went out and had a nice lunch.
      Finished off Mrs Tigs all scout run in Renowned explorers that night which was good.
      Sunday I drove up to Ballarat and was planning to go watch the cycling but with the heat ended up just staying at Mum and Dad. Got Dad's help with fixing the pram and after he went through basically the same process as me and then needed a bunch of tool I didn't have I didn't feel so bad about running home to Daddy the moment I needed some manual work done.
      Then went out and had a nice dinner before heading home.

      Wasn't a bad weekend all told, though I managed to get pretty badly sunburnt on my neck and shoulders, so I now feel like I'm wearing a shirt made of sandpaper...

    So I bought some games from Harvey Norman online as a part of that sale last week, and I received an email from a store in North qld asking if I'd accept their demo unit copy of Forza 6 as it's the last one in stock.

    I said yes, but daaamn that's weird inventory management for such a large retailer!

      Also, I modified my pebble time round by adding a Seiko bezel insert. It looks fantastic and protects against scratches!

      Cost me a couple of bucks, courtesy of eBay.

    Hola mi amigos!

    How were your weekends? Mine was pretty uneventful, just worked mainly. Bought and played a bit of Punch Club, it's a bit grind-y, but fun.

    HI TAY.

    First day back at work.


    Still, only took 9 minutes to walk here. not bad.

    Holidays were... well. not exactly productive. but good.

    became an uncle on xmas day. kid was week & a half overdue. and apparently quite big.

    Saw Star Wars. Liked it, but it was pretty much exactly the same plot as episode IV.
    Finished Fallout 4. Really liked it. Ending is probably the blandest ending i've seen since vanilla Mass Effect 3. Hopefully the DLC gives it a bit more of a satisfying send off.
    I actually finished reading a book for the first time in a year! Girt by David Hunt. it's a history of Australia, but with a bit more detail than the standard shit. Also, it focuses on the more ridiculous & absurd parts of the story. Not a bad lite read.

    Started reading Handling the Undead by the guy who wrote Let the Right One In. Pretty much the swedish version of Stephen King. Been noticing a trend recently about fiction that this book fits that involves undead that arent standard zombies. just people who used to be dead who now arent. great idea, but goddamn. really hope it's not overdone.

    anyway. also been playing Wasteland 2. Just left Arizona. Goddamn thats a difficulty spike. might have to grind a bit before i can go much further. but my crew are currently at about 25% health each, with no med kits left & in an area with irradiated puppies.

    anyway. procrastinating.

    hows things with you lot?

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      Fallout 4 is probably the only game that has made me slightly sick to my stomach from all the killing
      since the end part is basically pick a side and then go betray and murder the others to the last man woman and child, if the kids could die. Having to slaughter characters I'd worked with and fought alongside not to mention ones like the institute scientists who can only run screaming as they get shot in the back... Was kind of a horrible end really. But fitting with the "war never changes" motto I guess.

        FO4 spoilers
        kill everyone? really?
        no idea what you did, but that was not my experience. FWIW, I was a member of the Minutemen, Railroad & Brotherhood, turned the institute down. Got the minutemen to build the teleporter, Railroad suggested I go to the minutemen to storm the institute. in the last mission, only the synths were hostile. scientitsts hid / ran, but i didnt shoot any of them. didnt have to.

        post-story, institute are gone & the other 3 factions (as far as I'm aware) aren't hostile to me at all. can still do missions for each of em & all.

          Like you, I chose the rather neutral minuteman ending where I didn't contact the Brotherhood at all and simply used the Railroad to bolster our ranks since it was also our opportunity to freem ore synths. If you choose Brotherhood (by stealing the Beryllium agitator for Liberty Prime), they force you to go and personally slaughter the entire Railroad. If you choose to fully back the Railroad, they force you to plant bombs on the Prydwen which kills everyone even if you successfully stealth it - if not, you slaughter ever last member of the BoS, THEN blow up the Prydwen (this is the ending my wife got).

          I assume if you choose to side with the Institute, which is what I plan to do on my third playthrough, you'll need to kill both the BoS and the Railroad.

      I sided with the railroad. Endgame kicks off with the BoS attacking the hideout so it's decided they have to die. Then you go storm their police station to steal a vertibird (kill everyone is the only option) then fly it to the Prydwin and blow it up, killing everyone aboard.
      Then it's the Institute. The plot is you are undercover there to set up a synth rebellion. So they all think you are their new leader but then you kick things off by going to the teleporter control room, killing everyone and tping the railroad in. Then it's carnage to the power plant. Supposedly you are letting all non combatants out free but the rebel synths just go nuts and shoot everything that moves. So by the time you nuke the joint (too bad if anyone was living nearby the cit ruins ey) I assume there's not many not already dead.

      So fun times.

      became an uncle on xmas day. kid was week & a half overdue. and apparently quite big.

      Yayyyyy! One more like me! I turned 30 on christmas day :D

    Oh god, holidays are over. So many people at the station. So many support tickets waiting in my inbox.

    Is the Far Cry 4 Valley Of The Yeti's DLC a massive buggy mess for anyone else?

    I'm finding that mission triggers don't fire correctly most of the time, often necessitating me leaving the area and coming back in. The nightly base defence ones are the worst, the enemy take forever to actually get to the base and when they finally do they sit just outside visual range for minutes at a time so I have to just fire grenades blindly in the right direction hoping to get a kill and disturb them into action. Then when I've finally got the last one in that wave, I have to go out near to the point where it warns you're leaving the mission area and then on the way back it triggers the next wave.

    Similarly the missions where you have to hijack a truck don't work right, I have to leave the area where you get the mission to trigger the next stage which usually means going back to the starting area to get that trigger to fire and update the objective with the right waypoint.

    It utterly perplexes me how they can break the red dot, marksman & reflex optics in the DLC when they worked perfectly in the base game and the weapons haven't changed. I've had weapons just not work, the bow has been invisible more than once as were the arrows meaning it couldn't be used, I've seen a pistol I just picked up not rendering the barrel and not functioning, it's far from uncommon in the menu to see weapons just missing bits like the entire frame and only showing things like the trigger and bolt...

    It's not some weird thing that's only happening to me is it? This is easily the sloppiest thing I've seen in ages which is a real shame given that, much like the main game, there's a hell of a lot of fun if you can dig through the crap it's coated in.

      I'm probably going to find out at some point. I still haven't finished FC4's main campaign.

    Hola Tay

    Had a buuuuusy weekend that started on Thursday.

    This weekend was my dad's 60th birthday, so pretty much his entire side of the family came to Kapunda for it. Started off by picking my cousin and his wife up at the airport Thursday night and heading up there, and getting jumped all over by the Labrador.

    Friday, we went out for a long lunch at Artisans of the Barossa, a big cellar door restaurant, for my cousin's birthday which is also around this time. It was fantastic, course after course of tasting plates al washed down with local craft beers and wine (of course).

    Saturday morning we helped set up, lifted a lot of tables and chairs and packed eskies, but just before the party started we made ourselves scarce with dad. You see, he wanted to make an entrance, so he hired a local tourist helicopter company to chopper him into our paddock, and my brother and I rode from their site over the Barossa with him. Certainly made an entrance, and as our present my brother and I hired a red carpet so he could make an even more ostentatious entrance.

    Speeches went well, though a little long, my speech was really well received which is good, as I was worried. My Uncle (a former jazz teacher) got to have a jam with the band which was nice, they did a really cool reggae style version of "Land Downunder" and a big deconstructed version of Mustang Sally.

    I drank a lot of wine

    I drank a LOT of wine.

    After about 4 hours sleep, got up on Sunday and helped pack up before limping back to Adelaide, exhausted. Still pretty tired but not too bad today, more emotionally and socially exhausted.

    A Monday Morning question: How would you make a grand entrance3 to your birthday party?

      Ride in on a unicorn made of lightning.

        That only works if its farting rainbows as well.

      I'd love to have a rock'n'roll party and turn up in a cadillac. That would be fun. I really enjoyed the car I had for my wedding:

        Slightly different but quite similar to what we had which was the mark 5 Jaguar

          Very nice. My mother disapproved because the car was black. I considered it awesome (and it was a seven seater, so all the girls got to ride together)

            Black on something like that is perfect. The only issue we had with ours was it was a 40 degree day and our driver said we had the choice between having the air con on or getting there.

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              "We shall park in an air-conditioned car and drink away the wedding. When we run halfway out of booze, lots will be drawn and the brave loser will be cast into the wastes to go fetch more booze. Our guests will understand."

                If we had food and booze in the car that might very well have happened.
                Although air con from a 1950 car isn't really suited to 40 degrees.
                Would more be a case of here is some air blowing on you that might be slightly cooler than the rest of the air

    Mornin' all.

    I'm glad I got free postage on this item I bought Friday, cause it's gone from the Gold Coast to Sydney now to the outskirts of Brisbane to be delivered to me tomorrow I would assume. I just don't understand why this happened though.

    Finally got around to downloading Dead Island on Steam a week or so ago, but when I launch it all I get is a black screen with sound. Tried various things suggested by google searches, but nothing seems to work. Any of you guys been able to get it to work?

      Dead island..I remember I had to do some weird finicky shit to get mine to work like launch in windowed mode then change to full screen in game and there was a 50/50 chance it would actually work. If you get it to work but it's a fun game

    So it looks like I'll be alone at home on Friday night, which feels like a good chance to get as many people to jump in to a screw-around sort of game. Anyone interested in Just Cause 2 multi or GTA Online, you should download/update it before then! (Just Cause 2 Multi is a free mod).

    Tagging people who I've played with before/have JC2MP or GTA in their library: @pixel_the_ferret_viking @cakesmith @sernobulus @f4ction @blaghman @mythamphetamine @gorzilla @rocketman @zetrox2k @transientmind @35 @tigerion @ynefel

      I do have Just Cause 2 installed...

      Though I won't be home on Friday...

      Awh, no can do. Driving down to Tweed South on Friday night.

      (Edit: And then, back up to Brissie on Saturday in time for a nice evening out.)

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      I could do this...


          I've been on Steam like once in the past 6 months so I will be spending the entire week getting everything updated. :P

      Yussss, I'll make sure to download JC2 tonight in preparation!

      I wonder if this is possible in JC2?

      im up for it! just cause 2 is installed and up to date. i have GTAV up to date on PS4, but dont own it on pc... tempted to grab it on pc if its a regular occurence...

        The usual PC GTA people haven't played it much for a while so it's probably not worth it. There's a good chance it'll be mostly JC2MP cause almost everyone has it :P

    TAY i made a mistake, a wonderful wonderful mistake...
    Decided to load up Dark Souls on steam yesterday because I wanted to check something on my old character... Realised my old character has been lost due to the whole GFWL removal... Then realised that with the addition of it now using Steam Works, they have added achievements, WHICH I HAVEN'T EARNED ANY AT ALL!
    Thinking "Well that just won't do" I have created a new character and started rediscovering Dark Souls all over again!
    What a terrible mistake *gleeful smile*

      I'm tempted to give the game another crack now that enough time has passed but considering all the new stuff that I'm trying to juggle it's probably a bad idea.

      Which means I'll probably do it.

      FYI, there was something you could do by launching in beta mode of something that bypassed the GFWL and let you load up your old profiles. Not sure if that was a limited time thing or not.

    Morning all!

    What an awful way to start the week. Walk in, my boss (who just got back from on leave) said 'Oh yeah, you know that thing you've been slaving away on for the last 2 weeks and just worked all weekend to get finished? The owners of the company only just reviewed it (having received multiple drafts, but you know...), they hate it, and we need to redo it... Today.'

    I am less than pleased.

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      Welp you know what you need to do...burn the building down

    Good morning all!

    This weekend counts as my first XCOM Board Game win without a single continent ending in the high panic/full panic area. We just wrecked the aliens this playthrough with barely any UFOs still in the air. Felt good to get a win like that, but now our next real test is trying to do everything within the time limits for each as playing on Easy allows for infinite pause time, the future difficulties do not have infinite pause time, so that'll be interesting when we dabble into our first Normal difficulty playthrough. Keep in mind there's also a Hard and Expert difficulty too... :P

    In other news, thanks to the assistance of @welbot (Thanks again buddy!), I have begun preparations for a new PC, I've already grabbed my new second monitor and secondary hard drive, with the new Case and SSD drive on order to be brought in for pickup next week. So it's happening! Techstation 2.0 will be brought to life very soon, then I can play any game at hopefully the highest setting, AND I can finally start on games such as Witcher 2, eventually 3 as well as Dragon Age Inquisition. :D

      I totally forgot to even ask what the max res of the screen was. (Shouldn't matter, but out of curiosity, what was it?)

        1920x1080 if memory serves, as all games I play were in borderless/windowed.
        The monitor I mentioned to you before was the monitor I have now (22in W), with a smaller older BenQ that I'll be replacing (20in W).

        Last edited 11/01/16 1:45 pm

          Cool cool. Should have no issues being able to max pretty much everything! My system is way older (except for the GTX960) and worst case, I have to drop my res from 2160p to 1440p to get things running smooth like butter, but most things run surprisingly well at 2160p which I was pleased with :)

            Resolution isn't that big of a priority for me, high quality textures at 60FPS though... :)

              well I get that at 2160p 90% of the time, so I can't imagine you'll have too many issues ;)

    Spent the weekend trying to clean up a few games from my Xbox One hard drive since I've received a number of free games via Games with Gold and never got around to playing them thanks to Destiny and Fallout 4. Turns out some of them are pretty good so I won't be deleting them anytime soon, and consequently didn't get through as many as expected because I spent more time playing them instead of deleting and moving on.

    Magic Duels: really short story mode which I finished in a couple of sittings. Made some custom decks and played vs. bots a few times, don't really see myself doing this long-term enough to earn the coins to buy more boosters and make crazy complex killer decks - and I'm sure not going to buy boosters with real money. Had my fun, deleted.

    How to Survive (Storm Warning Edition): a fun little isometric survival/zombie game. I can see the appeal if you're willing to sink time into it, it seems to basically be a roguelike too, since if you die you start over. Maybe there's a checkpointing system I was too inept to reach/figure out. On my second playthrough the first quest-giver broke and kept telling me to do the thing I had just done instead of giving me the next quest step, so I gave up and decided it was not the game for me.

    Rayman Legends: solid, fun and good looking platformer. Great fun. Sent about three hours with it and barely scratched the surface of the content, plus I think it'll have a lot of replay value that scratches a tiny little perfectionist itch I get sometimes. Will happily revisit this one.

    Killer Instinct: all the season 1 content went free this month so I downloaded it again after getting tired of the initial offering quite quickly (hated being stuck playing one character at a time). Played a couple of story modes on easy, did some training which was incredibly daunting, got my ass handed to me by a friend who noticed I was playing and decided to challenge me. Still had fun. I'll keep the game installed though I don't imagine I'll revisit it often as I'm not much of a fighting game guy.

    Child of Light: better than I expected, I played it to the first boss and unlocked the ability to fly so I've just been zooming around exploring the various areas of the map I couldn't reach before. A very pretty game, pleasant to play, not really sure if it's "fun" enough to revisit. Might save it for a rainy day, so to speak.

    So Many Me: after being disappointed with Chariot some time back (which admittedly seems to be intended as a co-op game, so I didn't really give it a proper chance) I didn't expect to like this overly cutesy puzzle-platformer. However, it surprised me. It's fun and quite inventive with it's mechanics. Some of the puzzles are quite tricky and, at least from what I've seen so far, balances thinking out the puzzles with platforming skill quite well.

    Games I am yet to get to:
    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
    Pneuma: Breath of Life
    Thief (funnily we bought this digitally on my wife's account when we only had one Xbox, then we got it free)
    Massive Chalice

    and probably something else I'm forgetting.

    Pretty good weekend for gaming, I think.

    Morning, TAY!

    On the weekend I went to the Sydney Festival's Doughnut Bar and they were out of doughnuts.

      Ha!,that's like the day I went down to Chicken Treat* & they were out of chicken :3

      *Perth's answer to Ted Rooster, but they have Red Rooster too

      The KFC closest to my parents place would constantly run out of chicken.

      Or that's what they told you.

      They probably just heard about what you like to do with them.

        These doughnuts had ice cream in them. It's right up my alley.

    Ah, the new water cooling stuff that Swiftech showed off at CES looks awesome & has me thinking of maybe water cooling in the near future.

      I'm considering it when I get around to a new PC later this year (likely after the Nvidia Pascal GPUs come out)

        Yeah that's what i'm thinking, i'm thinking going a Skylake build soon-ish & moving to a new GPU once the new series comes out since my 760 is going pretty good. But i'm also thinking of going to 1440P monitors too so that would require a new GPU :P

          You might be surprised, I've got a Dell U2711 @ 2560x1440 and I can play most games on medium at least with a GTX 670.

            Ooh nice. Doesn't surprise me, i'm able to max out Far Cry 4 at 1080P and see a solid 40FPS, including the Nvidia game works or whatever turned on.

              On the watercooling note, have you done any watercooling before? I'm tempted by doing a full custom loop with the rigid tubing etc (ala Jayztwocents on Youtube), but the AIO units look good for simplicity's sake.

                Nope. I wanna do hardline, cause it's pretty. But I probably shouldn't for a first time build :P JayzTwoCents is great, his videos on water cooling have really made me want to do it. But I still can't find a nice case that i'd wanna put water cooling in. Everything I like is mostly ITX & not a water cooling case.

                  I've been looking and I keep coming back to the Corsair Air 240 for a small case or the NZXT H440 for a full tower.

                The 240 is my pick for an ITX case with a window it's just so nice. Then again so is the 540 for MATX.

    Good morning fellow taybies!
    Firstly, a much belated happy new year and christmas to you all.
    Back to work today! woo!

    How are you all!? How were your yule tides?

    I have had 2 dreams about PAX in as many weeks.. I have a problem.

      Turns out I kinda suck at W40K: Conquest at the moment :(

        haha really?
        Who you been playing with?
        What faction have you been using? Tau would be my guess?

          ... Necrons? Necrons.

            They aren't out yet, but they'll be my main certainly. I'm thinking Necrons with slave Space Marines to take advantage of AoE, unless I can't use them (I didn't see if it had a limit on the slavery mechanic, alliance mechanic does have limits, like can't use loyal units but can use common), then I'll have to think of something else

            They aren't due for release until Feb, i think :)

              Well then what's even the point?

                Blood for the blood god?

                  Is there a Kharn the Betrayer card? Easily my favourite 40k character - so fun when he does well, so infuriatingly awful when he turns on you.

                  No, no Kharn yet, unfortunately :( The only chaos characters at the moment are a sorcerer and a greater daemon of Nurgle.
                  He would be really cool in play, though.
                  I'd actually like to see how someone like that would play.
                  What's weird is that the space marines get 2 proper popular named characters in Cato Sicarius and Ragnar Blackmane, yet Chaos doesn't seem to get the same.

                  I actually still need to get him for tabletop, but i keep kind of hoping they'd re-do his mini. That being said, the current mini isn't actually all that bad - certainly much better than failbaddon.

          I've been playing with a friend who's been playing card games for over a decade (He's currently designing his own deckbuilding game), so I guess there's a mindset skill gap of massive proportions. We've been trying all the races, so far we've done (With me on the left side):
          Tau vs. Dark Eldar (Win) - I just had bad card draw to cope with the sheer numbers he threw at me. His token cards had 2 damage each, it was brutal to try and bring this one back. Also he sacrificed my hammerhead, wasn't a good one for a first game.
          Space Marines (Win) vs Dark Eldar - Main reason I won with Space Marines was cuz I took advantage of his mob rushing with commander and slaughtered his entire army with two AoE attacks.
          Chaos vs Orks (Win) - This was down to the wire, he mainly won cuz he had initiative on the last battle, simple as that. Either his commander or mine were going to die this fight, because somehow we managed to play this one where it was only able to be won with a commder dying as we were at the last planet and neither of us were able to make 3 of one type of planet victory type. I still don't know how that happened but it did.
          Eldar vs Imperial Guard (Win) - I was getting outplayed in command struggles so resource difference was massive, I had to try an all out attack to bloody his commander in one shot to at least have a chance of sneaking an assassination for later on, he blocked with an event that sacrificed another unit to nullify all damage. So I conceded as that costed my entire hand and all resources I had left, too difficult to come back from as I was already behind.

            Sounds pretty brutal.
            Space Marines do tend to be the easiets deck to win with. Them and Orks. Definately the best by far for beginners.
            Dark Eldar can be brutal, but it's also a matter of pulling the right cards.
            Imperial Guard can be a bitch to fight against just for sheer mass too.

            Haven't played with your nids yet, though???

              No, I'm waiting until I have a grasp on the game until I start digging into those, mainly cuz there's also WAY more cards to look through and make into an actual deck first.

    Anyone else psyched for Oxenfree this week? Plays like an Until Dawn/Telltale style game, with spiffy 2D art.

      I wasn't, but I might be now.

        Yessss, we can compare notes and hopefully fall in love with it, Life is Strange-style. :)

          Well if we're doing it Life Is Strange style I need to wait 8 months and play it when 75% of the content has been released.

            Okay, maybe not Life is Strange-style. I don't want them to cut this game into episodes. :P

    Hi all! Hope everyone had great weekends. Mine was swallowed by a (now) level 37 Sith Inquisitor with a propensity for shocking people every time the dialogue tree let me. Which was, shall we say, a lot. :P Just found out my new apprentice doesn't like random acts of cruelty, tho. Boo.

    Still, Ashora's the best option I've got atm - alternatives are "space pirate Steve Blum," "self-confessed useless robot" and "once-cool Dashade who had his body taken over by my old master and now creeps me the hell out."

    Really enjoying it thus far, but kinda glad I waited until post-4.0 to play it - can just focus on the story and class missions and get enough XP to not worry about sidequests. I hear it was a hell of a grind when it first came out...

      I wouldn't call the old stuff grindy. I quite liked the amount of time needed on each planet because it made each area feel more fleshed out. Having said that, once you get into alt characters the repetition can get tiresome.

      You have a lot of luck in starting now with the way support characters work, though. You used to be almost locked into using the one the best complimented your character in terms of function (i.e. tank of healer) for much of your time, but now you can use whoever you like and just pick the role you want them to fulfil.

        Yea, I did find it a little odd that a Dashade was such a proficient healer, considering every other statement is something along the lines of "I will devour you, little Sith". :P

        Re the grind thing - I'd heard of people completing everything in one area and barely having the XP required to be on par with the recommended base level for the next area. But my main point was I just wanted to play it for the story/stories, so had it required the levelling rate and menial busywork that drove me from BC-era WoW, GW2 and ESO, I'd not have even considered playing TOR. Currently, it feels like KotoR 3, which is just right, as far as I'm concerned... especially as I've got another two huge RPGs I want to get through in the next 4-6 months.

    I'm still bummed by the Oculus price, and the new status as 'unemployed' coming at the same time kinda sealing the deal of not ordering one.
    Is anyone here going through with buying a Rift at launch?

    Now to work out some potential new employment ideas...

      From the post on last Tay I gather the only one getting a launch Rift will be Mr Taco since he kickstartered it.
      Shame really as it could be cool.

      Also have you considered medical experiments? They pay pretty good for little effort.

    Tooled around with the Fallout 4 settlement building stuff a bit more on the weekend - powered a building and filled it with TV, jukebox, disco ball, strobe light just for a laugh.
    Then built a reasonably large monstrosity of a building twice as big as the slab size, went up several levels. OK, that was a little fiddly but achievable.
    Then went back to random wandering and watched the town happiness drop from 80 to 60. Geez... I know it's a bit ugly, but it seemed better than an empty slab instead of a building. Guess not.

    Status update: 50hrs of play, level 30, still haven't gone to diamond city.

    Last edited 11/01/16 1:12 pm

      Yes! Another member of the "FUCK YOU GAME, I AIN'T GOIN TO DIAMOND CITY" club! \o/

        Wait... It's me saying that. So there's still only 1 member of the club.

        Last edited 11/01/16 2:20 pm

          I was still 45 before going to Diamond City.

          I was all, "I'm ON TO YOU, game! You're gonna PLOT at me as soon as I get there!"

            Every time I see Diamond security on the streets I immediately turn around and start running.

      I'm only 10 hours in but think I'm coming to the conclusion that I might need to revise my plans
      I don't think themantic runs are viable, seems to be a very specific way to play that they are setting you up for.
      Was planning to avoid power armour, but from everything I'm seeing that just doesn't seem viable.

        Eh, I've collected and stashed it - haven't been using PA at all, and my treasure trove of fusion cores just keeps growing and growing.

          Ok, good to know. My River Tam run might still be viable

            Looking at the game I think they require you to wear it when the questline takes you to the southern part of the map but outside of that I haven't used mine at all!

    After getting a bit too casual around the office with our swearing, my workmates and I have decided to instigated a swear jar ($1 per swear) for the IT office. We've decided to use the funds to donate to Oxfam; specifically, the money will be used to buy goats ($39 each) for people in need in places like Mozambique.

    Fun fact: The jar came into effect at 9am this morning. We've already made $26.

      "Please... No more goats..."

        "Fuck you, we'll send as many goats as we goddamn want; whiny little shit!

        *puts $3 in the goat jar*

    Ticketek still charge you $8 extra for them to send you your tickets via email, huh :P

      Hey now those e-stamps are expensive.

        We have an e-tree shortage, not enough Seeds on the internet.

          Need to do more for the e-nvironment

            We have more than plenty of e-fertilizer from youtube comments and twitch chat rooms alone

      I'm one of those people that keeps movie and show tickets in a box, so it's kinda nice that there's such negligible difference between printing your ticket or getting a "proper" one. I mean it still sucks being gouged at every step, but at least it removes a difficult decision from the process :P

      Those bastards really are flirting with the edge of the drip pricing regulations.
      Really would like to see them back off from that shit. Maybe they can fuck up enough to cop another multi-million fine to put them on their best behaviour for a while.

        The bullshit one that I think is beyond that is charging a booking fee per ticket rather than per booking.

          Absolutely. If it's a cost for every ticket, it should be part of the face vale. Booking fee, if there absolutely must be one, should be a single per-transaction fee.

          And print-your-own for $7 - GET FUCKED. I do venue/outlet pick-up every time as there's a handy outlet on my way home from work and like Gooky I like a "proper ticket" for the scrapbook.

    Man, the more I think about it the more I come close to thinking that I just didn't enjoy The Force Awakens.

      I enjoyed it, but there were some disappointments and some jarring things that were a bit on the nose. Jolted me back to reality, realizing, "Oh hey, I am a person sitting in a theatre, watching a movie where certain things have to happen because it is a movie."

      Hoping a bunch of those unexplored questions and face-value blandness is really just hidden secrets and depths which will be explored in the sequels. Force Awakens may actually end up being a better movie in light of its successor.

      Yeah there was a lot in there that could be really crap or really good depending on what they do with the next movie. As a standalone its just a good popcorn flick.

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