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    Last day of work for the week, wooo! Gotta get my Brisbane onnnn

      Monday is Friday? Do you live in backwards world? ??

        Yes! But no. Working today, public holiday tomorrow, annual leave until the 3rd. GOOD TIMES

    I got Netflix.

    I love it!

    What should I watch??


        So far we have only watched Homeland.
        3 seasons in a week :S
        Is this the future of television??

          Yes. It's also the Foxtel Killer.

            Yeah I agree. We are planning to cancel our foxtel subscription.

      What do you like? I tend to watch a lot of documentaries. Mum and I loved Under arrest but it's very short.

        Oh I'm just curious to see what other people have enjoyed or recommend, then I know where to start re checking things out. There is so much content it can be overwhelming at first.

          So there are a lot of interesting documentaries. Generally if you just scroll through them you'll find something interesting.
          I watched FBI files, Joseph Fritzl: story of a monster, Aileen Wuornos: Selling of a serial killer, Jonestown: Paradise lost, Forensic files collection, The new detectives, Hiroshima, Balibo, pompeii the last day and Myth hunters.

          These tend to be good shows for me to sew to, as they don't require I watch it to actually get the story.
          We've watched several series too. Mum likes The Killing and The Fall.

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            I might try The Fall for some more Gillian :)

            That list of titles, and no Making a Murderer?

              Not yet. It's the next one.

              I was primed to watch Making a Murderer, but then really didn't enjoy it.

          Pick a direction; grab some snacks; take the month off and binge =P

          Like @scree I watch a ton of documentaries on Netflix. Good to sort of half pay attention to when sleepy and good to put on in the background.

          I don't know about the AU range, but the US one has a bunch of documentaries from Nova, which is a PBS general science show that has a bunch of interesting documentaries. Some of the best are on Netflix. I wish it was more comprehensive though. Nova is inspired by BBC's Horizon series which is basically the same thing, but Horizon is IMO even better.

          There's some fantastic Ken Burns documentary series on Netflix which are great for putting on when you don't want to pay attention to the screen as much and are doing something else, like the ironing for example. Stuff like the Civil War. It's very, very dry so great for sitting in the background.

          They also have a ton of pulpy stuff that would normally be on Discovery or the 'History' Channgel, like Myth Hunters and so on. Some stuff which is quite entertaining but complete shit involving pseudo-archeology or cryptozoology or the like. Don't watch Ancient Aliens though, it'll make your brain cells fall out.

          Other than that I tend to use it for movies. Not a big TV series person - my spare time goes to anime & games, rarely to TV stuff. The two recent Marvel TV series (Daredevil and Jessica Jones) are excellent though, you might want to try them.

          Oh, and if you want to watch a straight up fantastic documentary film: Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

      In no particular order, this is the stuff I remembered enjoying...

      - Orange is the new black
      - House of Cards
      - Chefs Table
      - Suits
      - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
      - Sense8

      Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
      House of Cards
      Arrested Development
      Falling Skies

      I have only managed to watch Daredevil (1st season) that was pretty good. I am currently about half way through Narcos which is also excellent, but It depends what you like to watch.

      cant go wrong starting with those ones in my opinion (for what its worth to you)

      Seven deadly sins is a good anime to watch. Otherwise I watched the shit outta suits

        Loved Seven deadly sins.

          Season 2 this year!

          Sucks that Netflix has exclusive streaming rights though, means no simulcast.

      I'm currently in my trial of Netflix, working my way through a series before I move on to the next.

      Just finished BoJack Horseman. Extremely enjoyed.

      Jessica Jones.
      Easy A
      The Devil is a Part-Timer.
      Big Hero 6.
      Bojack Horseman.
      Easy A
      Bob's Burgers. (Possibly US-only.)
      Easy A
      Space Jam.
      Danger 5
      Easy A
      The Emperor's New Groove
      Happy Tree Friends
      Easy A

      Thing's more than paid for itself with those in the last year.

        I think you forgot Easy A in that list.

          Good point. Everyone should watch Easy A more often.

            Never seen it. #TrueStory

              What, like... not this month yet? That's a bit poor, mate. Not many days left in it.

                Like, ever. Ever ever. The visual interpretation has not passed my retinas at any epoch.


                  I... I'm so sorry. I didn't even know a condition like that was possible.
                  If you need help, I'm more than happy to come over and get it started playing for you.

                  The important thing is that you've admitted you have a problem, and have taken positive steps to overcoming it.

                  I don't know what it is.

      Dragons: defenders of Berk / Race to the edge

      EDIT: Just saw they have The world fastest indian. Watch that

      Last edited 25/01/16 3:24 pm

        Can I just say how borked it is that we get the Dragons TV series but not the movies?

          Well I think we only get some of the TV series as well which is a bit odd

            Yeah, we miss Riders of Berk and... I think there's another one. They're as bad as Pokemon when it comes to naming seasons.

              I think defenders of berk was the 2nd one.
              Odd we don't get the movies but I own them so doesn't really bother me

                Yeah, I've got them as well it's just inconvenient. #FirstWorldProblems

    Good morning Australia!

    Today is a work day, sandwiched between holidays, uncomfortable like a rough, disappearing g string.

    Speaking of, anyone else hitting the beach tomorrow?


    Last edited 25/01/16 8:51 am

      Looks like there's a fair chance of rain. Might get a couple of friends over, fire up the BBQ, drink beers, play board games, listen to the Hottest 100.

      Going to a house party tomorrow for bbq and hottest 100

      Nothing really planned for us. Probably a play in the park.

    Saw Hateful Eight yesterday and thought it was a little disappointing, definitely my least-favourite Tarentino film. There's plenty of substance to it and as you'd expect with Tarentino, a high school English teacher could spend weeks breaking down all the techniques and influences from past works - but, despite the ensemble cast, I didn't feel there was a great deal of depth to any of the characters. And, for a movie that is predominantly shot in a single location, that's a real killer for me.

      I'm surprised he continued with the Western genre after the incredible Django.

        Ranking his movies is a task, because they're so different. Here's a very non-committal list:
        Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Django Unchained, Kill Bill, Jackie Brown, Inglorious Basterds, Death Proof, Hateful Eight.

          Very similar to what I'd rank, though I would put Reservoir Dogs number one, Jackie Brown last and the rest pretty much equal. Haha, so nothing like your list, really.

            Same, same, little bit different?

            It's a list for the sake of having a list - much less of a challenge to split them into three tiers (Pulp Fiction - Kill Bill, Jackie Brown - Death Proof, Hateful Eight)

    Hello everyone. If you noticed I was gone from Tay most of last week, I needed to take a break after what happened.
    @pupp3tmast3r thanks again.
    Not much has happened over the week.
    I finished the splatoon bookmarks
    And I also passed my driving test.

      I figured it was the reason we couldn't get to page 6.

      Congrats on the driving test! It took me two goes if I remember correctly.

        I highly doubt I was the reason that Tay didn't reach page 6. I don't think I post that much.

        Also, would anyone be interested in seeing the bases, the beginning of the bookmark process?

          Yes I would!!

            On page 2. I was told to just post them. I'm sleepy enough to do it.

        Did it seriously not get to page 6?
        It used to get to 20!
        Must be the holidays...

      I watched Borat again over the weekend - definitely not as funny as I remember. You reminded me of his driving test and that is probably the funniest part of the film.

    Does anyone have any good tips for early progression in darkest dungeon ??

      Not having played it myself, I'm only going on what I've heard from others, but swapping out characters for lower level characters is apparently extremely important.

      I only played early access a few months back but one thing I remember taking away after losing a few times was get a rotation of team members going and don't over-extend into a dungeon. You'll know in the first few fights if this is a fight meant for your level.

      I'm doing... decently well in my current run (in that I haven't had anybody die after 1.5-2 hours), and it's mostly from playing it safe, and keeping the light up. If you're willing to spend the money you can survive without a dedicated mage through food, but it can be rough. Buffs and debuffs are very strong, but they're often not worth the damage you lose for that turn. AoE attacks are your friend, but be prepared to use single target ones for pesky enemies, and the way bleed (and maybe blight, I'm not sure) stacks is extremely strong if you're against a single target.

      Whether or not you'll "scout" is down to chance, probably has something to do with light, and characters you have, and if you're near the end of the dungeon, and the area's scouted, feel free to let your light drop because the rewards are much much better, it's just risky.

      Oh, and be prepared for everyone you care about to die.

    So has anyone confirmed if the new Pokemon 3DS is coming to Australia? So far I think I've only seen the 2DS announcement. Of course, I haven't looked at all. BUT I GUESS IT'S TIME TO BUY 3DS NUMBER 3?

      Far as I've heard, we're not getting that one. But someone mentioned apparently we might be getting the plates! IMO better to get a black unit and a set of those :P

        That makes me sad. Could I buy one from overseas (assuming stock etc is fine)? Or are there pesky region issues on the Nintendoh's?

          Yeah, still all region locked. Well there is region-free stuff available through homebrew. But I think it might run into troubles with the latest 10.4 system software? And not sure if these new systems would have that on board already or not.

          But if they're coming to Europe then you could get one of those units and still play local games just fine.

      Are 2DS games not compatible with 3DS? (I feel so out of touch with the hand held scene these days)

        A 2DS is a 3DS without the hinge, and the 3D capability. Ie, the perfect console for small children.

          Yeah I knew about the difference between the 2 units, but I wasn't aware they were making 2ds only games. :)

            Neither was I, when did this start happening?

            They are? Since whennnnn?

              Isn't this what this whole thread is about? No 3ds version of pokemon?

                They're talking about the special edition consoles that are being released in other regions. Nothing to do with the games.

                  Correctamundo! The handheld device itself :)

                  ooooh ic! I thought it was about a pokemon game! lol I really am out of touch with handhelds... or just stuff in general I guess these days, but at least I have a valid reason ;)

    Morning TAYbies! Thank you once again for your magnificent gift and generosity over the past week! When I last checked, my campaign was up to $2225, and that gift of groceries being delivered to me on Saturday was just totally magnificent!
    Last week was such a yoyo week for me. Down due to my health, up cos of the campaign, down due to being told I'm not allowed to work for a month, up cos of the surprise on Saturday!
    Here's hoping for a nice stable week, or at least limited to the up side of things!
    Off to see psychiatrist this morning to get reviewed for continued prescription of one of my meds (not related to my cyst) but my wallet will be screaming none the less. Bye bye $300+.
    Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and lovely messages I have been receiving!

      As soon as I'm settled into this new job I'll be sure to give you more money to help froend

        Wow! Cheers man! Just make sure you don't put yourself out because of it! As much as I need help at present, I don't want to put anyone in a difficult position because of my problems!


    How was the weekend folks?

    We had friends over from Canada visit for a few days. Very very relaxing few days.

    Anyone have predictions for the number 1 in hottest 100 tomorrow? I failed to vote this year which is the first time in a long time I've missed it.

      I haven't even listened to Triple J much this year :\ Like you, it's the first year I haven't voted in a long time, but I figured there's not much point since I haven't heard much. I hope Seth Sentry makes it in there though! He kicks ass!

        I voted like it was 1998 - Custard, Chemical Brothers and Prodigy all had new albums last year ^_^

          Chemical Brothers released an album and I didn't know about it.. man... I must have been living under a rock.. I'm gonna have to find out more about this!! HOT DAMN!

            Born in the Echoes.
            The single Go! is old school stuff:

              Damn.. 10 seconds in and I'm in love already! Thanks!! :D

              I found a ... possibly legal, possibly not... way of listening to the album... damn! I'll be adding this to my collection some day :)

      Hotline Bling by drake or A tame impala song from their album currents.
      honestly its a pretty open year. Lotss of good tunes this year.
      Maybe Magnets by disclosure.

        Hotline Bling is one of those songs that makes me feel like an old lady (because I can't stand it).

          You're not alone there. It's a very strange song that I don't like at all.

        Oh man, I just started listening to Currents the other day! But of course my favourite track is "The Less I Know the Better," which I think is distinctly different than.. pretty much everything else I've heard of Tame Impala thus far, heh.

        If hotline bling gets it I'll be shitty... It's such a lousy song.

          Given that everyone everywhere has been playing it non-stop for the last 3-6 months (it feels like longer) several times a day, I fully expect it'll be on the list. That and fucking Uptown Funk.

            Uptown funk was on the 2015 countdown

              Oh good. Showing off my relevance.

                This year is all about Downtown ;)

                  I actually still kind of like that one, despite the gross overexposure that goes hand in hand with something being popular on the coworkers' radio.

                  (Four times a day is too much. Yeah, I know that they need to make sure every demographic gets at least once chance to listen... I should probably get the coworker to switch stations at least halfway through the day so we don't have to listen to the same songs over and over again.)

      I don't have any, cause I know of only 1 song in the voting for the hottest 100 & that's my mates bands (In Hearts Wake) Like A Version of Vice Grip by Parkway Drive. I'm not a fan of their music (or Parkway Drive for that matter), but I really like that version they did. It'd be cool to see them take #1 but I highly doubt that would happen :P

        You're not a Parkway fan? I don't think we can be fronds anymore. Because, you know, if you don't like the same bands as me, then you're obviously wrong.

          Hahaha. I saw them live at Big Day Out one year if that counts. Didn't find them overly enticing :P Reminded me of Lamb of God a bit lol.

            That's pretty good praise! Being in the pit for LOG last year was possibly the highlight of the whole 2 days.

            I think Parkway's best album was probably Deep Blue, well worth a listen if you're interested.

              I like LoG, always thought Randy was a badass :P Not so sure what I think about Chris Adler joining Megadeth though. Hopefully Dave doesn't abuse his talents. Saying that I think JB was playing the new Megadeth album yesterday, it sounded pretty awesome. Much better than their last 3 or so efforts.

                To be honest I've never been a fan of MegaDave... they sound like early Metallica, but not as good, so I always end up listening to Ride the Lightning instead of Rust in Peace.

                  Haha. I really can't stand Mustaine 99% of the time, he shoots his mouth off about everyone and then cries when he gets called out on it. He's still the same Mustaine who was booted from Metallica 35 years ago. I'll agree there early Megadeth really does have that RTL/KEA sound to it. But imo Peace Sells & Rust In Peace are great thrash albums, which hold their own. But i'm still a 'tallica fan over Megadeth any day of the week.

                  I've also never bothered to see Megadeth live, I don't really feel they're worth it, especially after how Dave acted on their Australian tour in 2015 in Brisbane. I've also seen Slayer & Anthrax, i'd probably only see Anthrax again, Slayer whilst good. It was only Kerry & Tom since by then Jeff was never coming back to the band & Dave had *just* been booted again.

                  I'll say this though, Mustaine is a pretty good guitar player & writes some good lyrics. But he's such a shitty person.

      I think Courtney Barnett is a good chance for number 1. I think she'll get at least two or three songs in the top 50.

      It'll be a very well played song so maybe vane joy or someone.

      I voted number 1 to be downtown by Macklemore

        I think Downtown might get top 10, but probably not 1, it's just not quite as catchy as thrift shop was.

        The problem is that without any weighting to the votes, the winner always seems to be a bland song that just happened to be on most people's list.

          So its gonna be doin numbers by Matt and Alex?

          I tuned in to one of the 'stats' shows a week or two back and they said there is a cloud vote theory - catchy standalone songs don't do well generally. It's the big singles off big albums that do well - people keep hearing new singles off a popular album and reminds them of the big single which pushes votes towards it.

    Oh eBay you so silly. Got an email this morning telling me that the Star Wars blu-ray boxset had "dropped" in price.. Yep so many savings, thanks eBay.

      Hahahaha, nice. You can buy mine for half that though :)

    Man what a busy week last week. Ended up out every night except Wednesday. Spent the weekend down in Wollongong with Wingman and co, sat around eating chips and playing games. And got black feet from sooty verandah, thanks to the house being right next to the highway. Gross.

    Did surprisingly well with Smash considering how long it's been since I last played. And even more surprising with Rocket League. Got some ridiculously good goals, and was doing all sorts of awesome headers and stuff and even managed a bicycle kick at one point. I don't know what I'm doing :P

    Jumped back on Elite last night, to continue my exploration journey. I'd been trying to get as high above the bubble as possible, and had pretty much gotten about as high as I could go. But just as I was starting to explore the nearby systems and start to head back down, I managed to find some systems that were within reach despite not being marked by a route line on the map. I managed to get about 200ly higher than I was to begin with, or so. Eventually got to the actual point of max height with my current setup, so went to make my way back. I'd had to use a couple of FSD injections to make some of the slightly longer jumps. I'm in a Diamondback Scout, with two scanners, SRV hangar and no shields. Something like 27.92 max jump range with no fuel. And I had to make a few of those low-fuel jumps, one of them an FSD-injected one. I think that was to make a 33.82ly jump, when my max boosted range was 33.94.

    Then, I ran into a snag. I'd been taking screenshots to mark down all the boosted jumps I had to make to continue on my journey, so that I'd know which points were the key passages I had to use to get back down. Each jump takes two vanadium and one germanium, and I had something like six jumps worth with only four jumps required to get back down again, so I took a detour to check out another cluster of systems. But somehow I'd missed marking one of them, and made an extra boost jump that left me without enough germanium to make the last few jumps of the trip.

    Mercifully, I'd made it across the jump to a cluster of systems where I'd found a planet to farm some germanium on the way up, so I went there to collect some more. Drove around for a while, picked up enough to get me back over the jump I'd just made so I could backtrack up to another planet that I'd farmed for vanadium on the way up, and then get me back down again and through the last two jumps of the journey. Made the first jump up, and then... nearly shat myself. I only had one piece of vanadium left. And that unmarked jump that I didn't note down was lying between me and the vanadium planet. I was stranded.

    OR WAS I? I madly started looking around at the systems I could jump to. Solitary star. ​​Solitary star. Four stars and an unlandable planet. Single landable rocky planet (which turned out to be an icy planet, probably no good). Ooh, two systems I somehow didn't check out yet. Dangit, solitary star. Ooh, eight landable... icy planets. Then right up the end of one branch, and there was a system where the first planet was a high metal content planet. Exactly what I wanted. Praise unto Braben! I make my landing and... god damn this place is lumpy. And 0.94G, better be careful not to destroy my SRV or else I really am screwed. I break open the first outcrop I come across... and it spits out two germanium and a vanadium. JACKPOT, BABY!

    And I didn't even have to grow any pooptatoes.​​

    It turns out that the standard FSD injections​​ only use a single piece of vanadium, so I could've used one of those to get back to the planet I was aiming for originally. But I like this version of events better.

    Thanks to @trikeabout for putting up with the play-by-play as this all unfolded :P​​

      It was pretty funny, and it's nice to have some company when noodling about. Occasional long silences while some pirate was having a go at me...

      My ranks are slowly ticking up - I've started doing Empire ranks and I'm now a Serf. So the whole rank card looks like this:

      Competent, Merchant, Pioneer, Helpless, Cadet, Serf.

    OMG so much Diablo on the weekend. Nice to come back to work to stare at a screen without monsters on it. So glad it's a public holiday tomorrow... More Diablo. I honestly didn't thing I could get back in to it but here I am. I haven't played since the new content came out, really enjoying it. I've still yet to figure out how the cube works.

    So, still no manager at work. We also don't have next weeks roster yet >_>

    Morning errbody how's every little thing?

    My weekend was filled with congratulations and pain.

    Friday I got a phone call while at work to inform me that I got the job I was after so I'm finally working in real estate woo! That night we went to Cathryn's mums friends house and had a celebratory dinner of Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic and cheese pizza and ceaser salad.

    Saturday we went and saw Cathryn's friend for her birthday lunch where we ended up going to la porchetta and I had the salt and pepper calamari. After lunch we took the dogs for a walk and then went to another friends where we ate Chinese food, watched episode IV of star wars and we baked a cake that said congratulations on it.

    Sunday we went on a 40 km bike ride with Cathryn's mum from Upwey to Donvale and back. I still can't feel my butt cheeks. After that we got back to Upwey and I played some elite dangerous, brought a viper but as soon as i got it into space I had a graphical glitch where it looked like something is blocking dead ahead of me so anything I'm locked onto I have to aim down and see where I'm going through the side mirrors so I have to fix that otherwise the game is unplayable in anything other than the sidewinder.

    A Monday morning question what's your biggest time sink game?

    Last edited 25/01/16 10:41 am

      the game is unplayable in anything other than the sidewinder.I agree, the Sidewinder is the best :P

      Used to be Microsoft Flight Simulator X, but that's probably been well and truly overtaken by Elite Dangerous... It's been my default game for while, 600+ hours in and I don't see it slowing down

      Euro Truck Simulator 2.
      Hopefully soon, it'll be American Truck Simulator.

      Historically, X-Wing v Tie Fighter.

      More recently, Metal Gear Solid V.

      Probably the civ series as the all time biggest time sink.
      I have put a rather scary amount of time into different versions of puzzle quest including multiple games on MPQ
      Torchlight games were another big timesink for me

      Are we counting MMO's? Because World of Warcraft would definitely be my biggest time sink.

      In a non MMO game, possibly Fallout: New Vegas.

      Current record holder? Probably Destiny. Honourable mentions: Anno 2070 and 1404, EU-IV, Rocksmith 2014. Current biggest timesink? Warframe.

      like 300 hours per game every year or so.

        I was just thinking today. It's been a couple of years since I've last played a Pokemon game. Kinda tempted to start a new game (maybe a nuzlocke on the original Pokemon games).

      It's probably World of Warcraft but it might have been Ragnarok Online - that was far enough back that I don't really have good perception of how much time I wasted on it. After those it's probably Star Wars: The Old Republic and/or Final Fantasy XIV.

      In non-MMO stuff, Kantai Collection has been a big time sink for me. Also I imagine across all my playthroughs I've clocked 400-500+ hours in Final Fantasy VII. Probably in the several hundreds on VIII as well. X would have been over a hundred hours too. My timer for Xenoblade was 110 hours when I finished it so that probably was a fair bit too.

      Way back in the day I probably clocked hundreds of hours in Alex Kidd in Miracle World too but your perception of the passage of time is wonky when you're a young kid.

      Dota 1/2.

      Dota 2 tracks number of hours played, I think I'm up to around 1,000.

      Thankfully, Dota 1 did not track time spent... I imagine it would have been several multiples of the Dota 2 time played so far.... but, a not-insignificant chunk of that time would have been spent sitting in lobbies waiting for players.

      Fran: So what's it like then? The Dota and Dota 2.
      Bernard: Well, to be honest, after years of Dota and Dota 2, you do sometimes look at yourself and think...
      Fran: Yep...
      Bernard: You know, just sometimes, in between the First Blood with coffee in the morning to that four hundredth game of ranked at 3am, you do sometimes look at yourself and think...
      Fran: Yep...
      Bernard: ..."This is fantastic. I'm in heaven."

    Ugh, throat is starting to feel a bit funny. Better not be getting sick.

      You better not be, because I've been getting something in my throat too, and we have to do opposite stuff remember?

      It's making my voice all deep and gravelly, which apparently people like, but it's kind of painful.

    Tried to spend the weekend getting back into FFXIV... it worked, marginally.

    Got a message from Pizza Thief, saying she'd started playing Grim Fandango. And that it was ace.

    God damn :P

      She's a keeper that one!

      Last edited 25/01/16 11:16 am

        Also now you can serenade her with things like
        It shone pale as bone,
        As I stood there alone,
        And I thought to myself how the moon,
        that night casts it's light,
        On my hearts true delight

        Aaaand make up the rest because
        And the reef where her body was strewn
        Might be a bit too sad :-P

          With bony hands I hold my partner,

          on soulless feet we cross the floor,

          the music stops as if to answer,

          an empty knocking at the door.

          It seems his skin was sweet as mango,

          when last I held him to my breast,

          but now, we dance this grim fandango,

          and will four years until we rest."

      Hmm, does she have any friends with identical interests?

        Lol; red's decided to chuck the popcorn altogether and get in on this action instead =P

          Why eat the popcorn when you can be the popcorn?

    Been playing Broken Sword 2 over the last couple of days. Most of the way through it. I surprisingly remember a lot of what to do from last time I played it (something like 15+ years ago). Glad it has a an in-built hint system, though, as some of the point-and-click logic is insane.

      I found the second to last puzzle with Nico in the ruin was the worst one in that game. It wasn't the logic that was the problem, it was the fact that solving the puzzle too forever to accomplish. It wasn't quite as bad as the goat in Broken Sword 1 but it was annoying.

    Blade & Soul is a pretty cool guy and took up most of my weekend! 0 interest in the PvP side of the game (which appears to be 80% of the end-game) but I'm absolutely loving the gameplay; I can't believe I'm saying this but this is an MMO that's carrying my interest purely by how awesome it feels to fight =O

      I see Korean MMO and instantly think grind, grind, a bit more grind and for something different another grindy thing

        Normally I would agree like crazy; but the combat takes the edge off so much of it? It's actually surprisingly good.

        The quests aren't too grindy; so far levelling has been on par with the latest WoW expacs. Been playing for 2-3 days and I'm already halfway to max and I've been levelling very slowly. Also there's something to be said about an Asian themed MMO; on top of the combat I'm head over heels for the atmosphere ^^

      Oh god, that finally came out in English? I've wanted to try that since they first were showing it off years ago.

      The anime tie-in was really good too, though I don't know how much it reflected the game.

        Yeah it's out; the F2P side isn't too bad either as the premium bonuses aren't really game-breaking (like 10% extra exp and 10% extra gold, faster cd on fast travel, etc). That said I just levelled past the halfway point and the games gone from fun quick bursts of action in quests to overpopulated grind fests that take 20-30min each.

          So it's a Korean MMO then? :P

          That sounds like my experience with TERA too. IIRC TERA was a spinoff from Blade & Soul, like the devs involved left one team and formed the other and there was some legal shit where maybe someone took some code with them or something, I think?

          Anyway, that also had some really fun action combat but later on it turned pretty grindy, plus I had lag spike issues which made some enemies quite difficult, not to mention managing aggro at times. I tried all the classes and several were unplayable because of the lag - pretty hard to kite as an archer at 500ms pings spiking to 1500+ at times.

            So far my experience with lag has been pretty decent; like around 150-200ms for the most part? If it wasn't for the fun combat I would've stopped playing about 15 levels ago; all the attacks and combos just feel so satisfying to pull of. And my brief stint with PvP was also really fun; because of there being so many different counters to specific attacks I actually found myself trying to predict what my enemy was going to do and how to counter it at the right time.

            So far pros - Amazing combat
            Cons - It's a Korean MMO; that said I've played Korean MMO's and its significantly less grindy than those however atm it's approaching WoW BC level questing with having to kill 8-10 of everything.

              Are the servers in the USA? Or in Asia somewhere?

                For the english version of the game you have USA or EU

                  In the event that I try it at some point, what server are you on?

                name of the server is - Yehara

                Let me know if you sign up and I'll toss you my in game name =]

    Getting hype for The Division as well.

      A surprising (to me) chunk of my skepticism has... softened somewhat after watching the various hands-on sessions from youtubers.

      It looks pretty, and it looks like there's going to be enough PVE there to keep me occupied for at least a couple weekends, which is all I'm really expecting from a AAA box price.

        Ditto. Granted, I've only seen Angry Joe's, but I started watching that video pre-bummed that the endgame wouldn't be all that interesting for anyone wanting to avoid PvP... now it actually sounds like there might be a good story, decent cooperative PvE play, decent customisation of weapons and abilities... I'll count it a win if I get a few weeks enjoyment out of it.

          That was probably the mistake I made when going into Destiny, expecting too much.
          If it walks like an MMO, quacks like an MMO, establishes a slow-drip gear-grind time-gated reward mechanic like an MMO...

    I normally do a terriyaki style baked salmon. But thinking I might try something different tonight.
    Anybody have a tasty, easy baked salmon recipe

      Yes. Discard salmon. Eat steak instead.

        I had some nice aged scotch fillet over the weekend. Was pretty good although I did slightly over-cook it

          If a steak is still good even after slightly overcooking, that must have been some killer beef!! :D

      Have you ever had Salmon Tataki? If you like your salmon a little raw in the middle, it's so lovely. Very quick seer on the outside, and served with a sort of sour/tangy sauce.

      Last edited 25/01/16 2:55 pm

        Ideally I would prefer something in the oven as Mrs Tigs doesn't like the smell when it is pan fried

      Use 1tbsp Miso paste, 2tbsp mirin and 2tsp sugar to make a marinade. Cook under the grill.

        I don't have miso paste. Oyster sauce is probably the closest I would have

          Not really a substitute. But get some miso next time you're at the asian supermarket - it makes a fantastic marinade for fish, chicken and even veggies like eggplant.

          Salmon holds up well to strong flavours, perhaps bake it plain and serve with a quick tomato and olive sauce, or even a fresh salsa?

            Might have to see if Mrs Tigs can have it
            Ended up baking it with some fresh lime juice and ginger syrup. A bit of parsley over the top. Turned out quite well

      I like it baked with mustard and dill.
      Something along these lines:

      Last edited 25/01/16 5:18 pm

    So much Warframe over the weekend... Got carried through my first Sortie-set yesterday - so much fun.

    Mained Rhino because a) when there's a Trinity on the team, I can just maintain my Iron Skin and not die in half a second of enemy fire, and b) the stomp is great for defending a point. Last round of the sortie was hilarious - shotguns-only mobile defense against level 80-100 Grineer, and two of our team didn't actually own a shotgun; we had to make do with the crappy Mk1-Strun, unranked and fresh off the market. Essentially, only two of us could actually damage anything, so the aim was to delay enemies from attacking the consoles we were defending - my Rhino's stomps, Nyx's confuse AoEs and enemy stealing, Trinity's constant energy vampire maintaining us... the two experienced players running around decent shotguns trying to thin the ranks a bit... Somehow we managed to hold them off. Definitely want to get some better gear so I can do these more frequently. :D

    Tried my first nightmare alert last night, too - so hectic, but amazing fun. Also started putting my Loki together, so looking forward to giving stealth a try when he finishes crafting later in the week.

      I should play some more of that. I found the game kinda odd, really hard solo but pub groups just a massive rush to get to the points and if you don't know where you are going you don't see anything. I had early missions where I didn't see an enemy

        Can definitely see that happening - I'm one of the ones who does that now, and I've only been playing for two weeks :P. Hell, I jumped into an alert yesterday for a defense mission, and felt completely unneeded - I staked my claim on a mob lane, and someone rushed for the doors in front of me and killed everything as it spawned - all three doors. I tried to contribute, but by the time I'd round the corner to shoot something, it'd be dead. Not fun, at all.

        The way I approached it at the start was to go solo on my first run through a mission (except interceptions), and once I got familiar with the tiles and how they connect, or if I found a particular mission absurdly difficult, I'd swap to public groups. There are a few things the game doesn't really teach very well that make things much easier (ranking up mods, base and elemental damage types, the melee and movement systems, the fact that the mods and weapons you start with are rubbish and should be replaced asap). Once I found some weapons I liked, a frame I liked, ranked them all up a bit, and fitted them with some good mods, I don't think I felt there was too much of a challenge, bosses aside, until Phobos and Uranus...

        That said, it's not too bad to group up for defense, mobile defense and interception missions - modes that are either hard to solo, or focused on people generally grouping around one area - you'll get way more XP as a side-effect of other people killing stuff nearby, and the higher mob-density means you'll get more drops.

          Also, grouping up with a mate for the Orokin derelicts and the Void towers means that you basically pool your tower keys; do more towers for half the cost! :D

      The game really is at its best when you're being challenged, and have a friend or two to back you up if you fail at that challenge - or vice-versa.

      Whenever my youngest brother and I play, the sorties and nightmares are the only ones that offer any kind of challenge to 2-man. (Although I've been insisting on going public mode as a kind of pay-it-forward thing.)

      The rest is just a rush to see who can kill the most in the shortest amount of time, and if one gets ahead, the other pretty much just spends all their time opening lockers and breaking open containers.

    So, after reaching level 62 and playing for over 100 hours, I finally decided to go to Diamond City in Fallout 4. Kinda funny how everybody is treating me like a newbie while I'm wearing max armour.

    Also, I uploaded a video of the easiest way to kill a Mirelurk Queen, even without firing a single shot.

    It's that time of year again, where you can barely move 10 paces without someone describing something as un-Australian.
    Lady at work is talking about how "some people want to call it Citizen's Day, because Australia Day is offensive to some", I pointed out that I've heard plenty of people say that there are people saying that, but I've never heard it said, and questioned if anyone is actually calling for that change. I almost heard the air parting over her head as what I said flew over and she continued with how people should go back to where they came from.

      I've never understood the logic of Citizen's day. How can that be any better than Australia Day, it is such a load of rot.
      At least if you want to call it Invasion day I can understand the logic, Citizen's day is meaningless.

        But can you find any instance of anyone actually calling for that change? (I mean, seriously, I'm at work and can't really justify the research). A cursory search reveals hundreds of instances of people decrying the suggestion of a change, but nothing suggesting that it's any more than a hoax.

    Australia day tomorrow whatever that means. Seriously has Australia day lost all of it's meaning in recent years? Is it sad to say i cannot even recall why we celebrate it because it is just known as a day to get tanked and watch explosions (yes my memory is fading). Am i UnAustralian for saying that?

      Religion and Patriotism; the great unifying factors of human society. Where would we be without them.

      I plan to work on fixing up the house. Painting and crap.

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