Tell Us Dammit: One Punch Man

With family being around and my wife giving birth to our second child, I haven't had much time to play video games, but I did find time to watch One Punch Man!

I want to talk about it!

I read a lot of manga so I've been aware of One Punch Man for a while now, just never made the leap to reading the original web comic or the manga. After hearing the buzz about the show I decided to make the leap with the anime.

That was a good choice.

I don't think I've enjoyed an anime this much since... man. Maybe Tenga Toppen Gurren Lagann? Truth be told I'd sort of abandoned anime a little. This show has dragged me back in a very big way.

Anyone else watching the show? What are your thoughts? Should I be making the jump to the manga now that I've caught up?


    I enjoyed it, but sadly it fell into the same trap all anime's seem to fall into for me these days - they peak about halfway in and become something that's just okay.

    In this case OPM was not nearly as funny in the second half.

    I would recommend to jump into the manga after watching the show because the show end way to early. Also you should check out the translation of his drafts as well

    Main Manga - Onepunch-Man
    draft translate - Onepunch-man(one) <- only read this if you want to read ahead

      The show is continuing with a second season

        i never said it was cancelled....

          But then the show hasn't ended early because it's continuing :/ not sure i understand your point

            lol! I think illusionnist was saying that it ended the season too early in regards to the story line?

        Got a link to the confirmation? Last I checked a couple of weeks ago all I could see was the creator saying he wanted to do a second, which unfortunately is pretty far from an actual pickup.

          I could probably try find it after work haha but i do recall it being official

            I tried looking again but everything I can find seems to point back to the creator just being super keen with nothing official as yet.

            Not that any of that is a bad sign for their eventually being a second season, unfortunately journalism on anime pickups (In english at least) seems to be horrendous.

            If you do find the confirmaiton I'd really appreciate it though.

      The manga is awesome, but I wouldn't recommend it if you are an "anime guy" since season 2 is on it's way.

      Those aren't drafts...

    For sure, check out the manga. It's very fun to read. Then when you are up to date on all the current manga chapters, go and read the webcomic.

    I forgot the strange thrill of waiting weekly for my favorite anime episode to air since I was 13 with dragonball z. The anime is the perfect adaptation of the manga that very few others managed to do in the past. It's a parody and a celebration of fighting and superhero genre and you can find various hidden elements from shonen anime, like lord boros hair changes according to a super sayian jin 1-2-3 .

    I would add: I didn't expected anything from this anime. I was browsing around the listings and when I saw the thumbnail sketch of an average bold guy posing with his clenched fist I said to myself: "What a crap looking anime, is one of those lazy gag animated cartoons, moving on." Weeks later I stumbled on a random guy in a random Youtube post claiming this one was the best for winter season, so I gave it a go. Needless to say after watching the show I immediately ordered the latest manga collection of OPM.

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    this show pulled you back in? I found it to be ... average at best. Though opinions and whatnot I suppose.

    I'm going to have to check this out. I haven't watched anything vaguely like anime since maybe Science Ninja Team Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets in the 70s.

    Unexpectedly good. I pretty much binged the entire thing in a couple days and it was some of the most uncomplicated, unqualified enjoyment I've had in a very long time.

      Pretty much did the same thing after watching an episode a few weeks earlier with a friend.

      It was fun, a little ridiculous and left me wanting more.

        Most things I consume and enjoy have a little qualification with them - always aware of what would make them better.

        None of that with One Punch Man. Every ep was like, "I'm having a blast, just keep doing whatever it is you're doing."

    I like how satirical it gets on the cliches in superhero culture and anime tropes... and on popularity. His lack of motivation and comprehension of what is going on around him is ridiculously funny too. Its awesome cause it so different. Just his face watching him powerup anime style like. then fighting seriously. The getting bored. This is how goku and superman should be, no weaknesses, just oblivous to the real world cause nothing is a threat to his subconcious survival instincts... which is why he has more anxiety over mundane things like shopping and french fries.

    Love this show, very funny. Also worth pointing out you can watch it for free with no sign up at

    I find with most comedy anime, there isn't much that translates to laugh out loud moments, but with OPM it was full of them from start to finish. If the anime bug has bitten you again afterwards I recommend persevering through the first half of Assassination Classroom to get to the second half of the series where it really shines, and then also Food Wars (Shokugeki No Soma) which I almost turned off due to the fan service but it was strong enough to pull through.

    Every time I watch an episode I get pulled out of the humour, not sure what it is, but I tend to find that the set up for a joke is almost always better than the punchline. Nothing tops Kill La Kill for me, everything I watched afterwards (including both Gurren Lagann and OPM) fell a little flatter than I think they might have otherwise (that is if I hadn't seen Kill La Kill).

      Now I don't know what to watch first!

        Haha, you'd probably be fine with either, I've often had an issue with loving something too much - to the point that everything else seems worse afterwards (for example when I first read Watchmen I started it again immediately after finishing it and read it 4 times before I even touched another book).

        If you're not afflicted by such an issue you'll probably be fine, as I understand it I'm a little weird in that respect (I've read Watchmen around 12 times or so now and after reading Catch 22 I've only been able to read Watchmen again in the past 4 months or so after finishing Catch 22). If I had to recommend a course of action though I would say watch OPM first (also Gurren Lagann if you haven't seen that), but that's only based on my experience, I know that many people prefer Gurren Lagann over KLK for example, so it's really just a mixture of luck and personal taste and I suppose whether the ridiculously fast pacing of KLK is a good thing or not (I loved it and found most anime felt really slow and padded out afterwards).

    The anime is great, but the manga does a better job of conveying Saiyama's ennui - where nothing really presents any challenge for him. The anime shows how overpowered he is, but doesn't really show his frustration very well (except for the sequence where he dreams about the under-earth people.)

    Still great, and the action sequences are brilliantly realised.

    Saitama's character design is a nice touch - so deliberately ordinary.

      yes! someone actually gets it. ffs. hell to the poeple who find it average and dont get the humour in saitamas blandness and being OP.
      there is definitely struggles going on for the guy, just not in your expected way and i think thats why the manga and show are so hilarious. and even though he is so OP he still has to deal with peoples perceptions of him as well as his shitty rank as a super hero.

    Gurren Lagann is definitely a good comparison. They're both have characters that "achieve the impossible" and just contain flat out crazy fights and humour. Gurren Lagann was the anime that got me iterested in the medium, while One Punch Man rekindled my love for it again.

    Keep the anime suggestions coming :D

    Have been following the manga almost from the beginning and for all I'v heard the anime is a faithful recreation, so I don't feel the need to watch it.

      You should cherry-pick your favourite moments from the early manga and just watch those scenes. For instance the Genos/Saitama practice bout is a fantastically animated piece of work.

      yeah, i was the same. followed the manga from the beginning. all i can say is that the anime is amazing in recreating the fight scenes and even capturing the subtle moments of 'no-fucks-given' by saitama.

      anime lab has it on there for viewing legally and free.

    Saitama is my new favourite anime/manga character.

    I loved all the hunter x hunter references at the end. It filled that hole that series left

    I was expecting the show to be like Astrofighter sunred, being a more fast paced gag show and was not expecting the animators to go nuts and deliver one of the most polished series of the year.

    hopefully a season 2 comes out

    @markserrels give the manga a crack, its definitely worth it. once you pass the point of where the anime ended, i think you'll still enjoy the character struggles and interactions. they are still charming and filled with hilarity in my opinion.
    a lot of people bag it, but i feel that, if you have a developed sense of humour that is broad and educated, you'll find it funny, especially if you let yourself get attached to saitama and his surroundings.

    I guess I'm the only one that WOULDN'T recommend the manga after watching the series.

    The manga is great, but it's gone pretty much nowhere storywise after the end of the anime series, so you'll be left waiting for the next issue which is not released in any predictable schedule as per normal manga titles. You'll enjoy it if you did read it, but trying to continue following the manga is hard and I've pretty much put it in the "pick up once it's finished" or "check back in a few years time" category.

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