That Final Fantasy And Louis Vuitton Collaboration? It Exists In The Real World, Too

That Final Fantasy And Louis Vuitton Collaboration? It Exists In The Real World, Too

First, there was a CG trailer with the Final Fantasy XIII character. Then, there was an interview. And now, Louis Vuitton shops are plastered with Lightning. There’s one word for this and that word is “surreal”.

In Japan, commenters on the popular bulletin board 2ch have been uploading photos of Louis Vuitton shops and real-world ads with Lightning.

[Photo: 2ch]

[Photo: 2ch]

[Photo: 2ch]

Incredible. The most amazing thing might be that this isn’t Japan only. Lightning is appearing at other Louis Vuitton shops around the world.

Top image: 2ch


  • Call me cynical but I’m pretty sure the venn diagram of FFXIII fans and people that buy Louis Vuitton would have bugger all overlap.

    • Anyone who bought all three ff13 games obviously makes such bad life decisions they’d never have enough money.

    • At this point Final Fantasy XIII fans don’t need to be advertised to though. Now just the general public and fans who left the series need to be reminded about it and reeled back in before games like XV and VIIR come out.

      No use preaching to the choir? I think this isn’t such a bad move. Marketing potential aside, just an association with high fashion isn’t a bad thing to have.

  • She’s not really that much less real than the models they usually use for this kind of thing…

  • I really don’t get why Squeenix have such a mad-on for Lightning, or why they think this is such a good idea. People who don’t know Final Fantasy (i.e the target market for Louis Vuitton) will think this is absurd. People who DO know Final Fantasy… mostly hate Lightning, one of the LEAST-popular protagonists the series has ever seen. And yet Squeenix are obsessed with ramming her down our throats at every opportunity.

    • Lightning has one of the best character designs IMO but good god her character is as 2-dimensional as those billboards.

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