The 10,000,000th Copy Of Garry's Mod Was Sold Over New Year's

Garry Newman of Facepunch Studios has always been happy to share sales numbers for the developer's titles. Its enduring favourite, Garry's Mod, continues to deliver the goods, with the product hitting the 10 million sold mark over the 2015-2016 transition.

Newman shared the news over Twitter. It's sufficiently concise:

To provide some context, the game was at 6,000,000 copies in September 2014, so in rough terms it's close to doubled its sales in the space of a year.

Will it hit 15 or even 20 million with another 12 months under its belt? Unlikely, but it'll be fun to watch.

@garrynewman [Twitter, via Reddit]


    I still have no idea what is Garry's mod until now. All I saw was people messing around with physics by doing stupid stuff and you have to pay for it.

      Garry's Mod is pretty much that. And this:

        HAXXXXXX!!!!! - Throws Monitor

    Once again, Valve strikes gold upon a community driven product. Trouble in Terrorist Town, the numerous Roleplays and other community created gamemodes are no doubt the real driver behind Garry's Mod's success.

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