The 12 Best Video Games Of 2015


    Good list.

    Enough said?

    Star Wars: Battlefrontt
    Her Story
    Invisible, Inc
    The Witcher 3
    Halo 5
    Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
    Destiny: The Taken King

    We decided this was the list? I'm incredibly surprised Destiny made it on there over the likes of Siege, Halo 5 and Fallout.

    Assassin's Creed? Destiny? Not even top 50. Transformers and Metal Gear are more top 20.
    No Fallout and no Xenoblade make this laughable.

      I know, right! Stupid Kotaku staff and their stupid opinions, quite clearly based on a scientific rating scale wait what no sorry you're on your own.

    Transformers is a good episode of the cartoon, but the gameplay is a very light version of what you find in bayonetta or W101 (which is actually their best, in spite of the control learning curve).

    The most amazing thing about the whole game is the gathering of voice actors, all of whom sound perfect.

    I'd also squeeze xenoblade on here, I'm stupidly addicted to it atm, even though I've just realised I can't 100% this playthrough due to a certain character's emo tanty.

      Xenoblade's got to be on the list, it's my #1 game of 2015 and should *easily* be in the top 12.

      I think what hurt it though is that the western/English release was released so late in the year that it was mostly overlooked by most of these "best of 2015" lists, which were generally created before it came out. It's also a MASSIVE game that I daresay most players probably have not finished yet.

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        I'm at 80 hours, and I now have access to more affinity missions, orange quests, and heart to hearts than at any earlier time. The story content is huge, and sprawled, and was most likely missed by those flogging through the game to render judgement.

        This game does not lack story!

    They're entitled to their opinion, but Fallout strolls into my to 3, let alone top 12.

      The problem with the story is that they don't say anything about the process of how they came up with the list. It might be their opinion, but the article doesn't really say that. It just point blank factually says "The 12 best video games of 2015" and lists 12 games that they "debated" and "decided" about.

      You'll always get people disagreeing with lists like this, asking "where is x?". For me personally, the fact that Xenoblade isn't there is a crime, then you have other games like Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, Mortal Kombat X, Yoshi's Woolly World and Batman: Arkham Knight that don't even get honourable mentions.

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        Agreed. Strangely reminds me of arrogant television advertising factually asserting: it's the show "all Australia is talking about."

        Clearly not true, but claimed as fact nevertheless.

    Wow, I'm really out of touch with current games. I haven't played any of these.

      do yourself a favour and pick up rocket league. its cheap, around $15 aus, its great multiplayer online, or locally. you'll have fun with it. definitely worth the cost of 2 beers, even if you only play it for a total of 3 or 4 hours.

        Yeah, maybe I will. I've certainly seen a tonne of press on it, and although I can't quite yet discern the appeal, all these people can't be wrong. Also, my room-mate was expressing interest in it, and if you say it's got local multiplayer, then maybe I can get the price down to a beer each haha.

          ok, i just checked, the cheapest is 19.99 US at the moment, but thats 3 beers, you could go halves with your roomy. definitely fun, especially seeing you can have you and your mate playing locally against other people online.

            Where the hell are you buying beers from?

              well, i know in Adelaide its not uncommon to pay $7 or 8 for a pint of beer at a bar or pub.

    Syndicate has really gathered a lot more positive steam......

    Still not sure I'll play it. Can't get passed II.

    No Tales From The Borderlands or Rise Of The Tomb Raider, eh?

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