The Australian-Made Zelda Is Looking Nice

Fun fact: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is actually being made in Australia, in Melbourne to be precise, but Tantalus.

And Nintendo is now being a little more liberal about showing it off. It's looking great.

It's funny, the consensus always seems to be that history has not been kind to Twilight Princess. The truth is, I haven't played it since its release on the Wii so I have no idea if that's accurate. I remember loving it, so I'm excited about playing it again.

What I do remember: the Wii controls weren't great. What I'm especially looking forward to with this release is how it plays using the Wii U's GamePad. I loved the remake of Wind Waker on the Wii U, so I'm very keen to replay Twilight Princess in the same way.


    Twilight Princess was a great game. I don't really understand the flack that it gets at times. Yeah okay, it takes you about 5 hours or so on a normal playthrough to reach the first dungeon, and that may have put some players off, fair enough. But it's not as if the game was boring for those first 5 hours. I don't hear many complaints about how long games like Skyrim and Fallout take to really get going but for some reason Twilight Princess cops it.

    Really looking fwd to the gamepad controls as well :)

    I liked a lot about twilight princess, but I feel the art style didn't particularly suit the wii due to the restricted texture and lighting capabilities.

    And that change is because people had a big whinge about wind waker, which everyone now agrees looked fantastic.

    It did have some neat enemy design, and I really liked the twilight realm effects, so maybe the wii u can finally lift the visuals in the way they need to be to pull off "gritty".




    Beautiful to hear such words isn't it.

    I have always figured /that/ was the route the local scene should have pursued. While the App Store goldrush did end up benefiting that era of devs, and we're still seeing smart Aussies continue to reap dividends - but imagine if collectively Australia went 'wow look at that console that's suddenly the want of everybody in this country let's make games for the Wii'.

    The App Store of today is a far less exciting or lucrative prospect, but we could have perhaps seen more sorts of Aussie game studios working on more sorts of de Blobs (for example) and less of the chaos that we saw post-2K/Team Bondi/etc as AAA fell out of love with us.

    I buy games to support Nintendo, but I also buy games to support Australian development.

      "It's bloody dangerous to go alone! Take this, ya galah!" - I'd pay good money for that.

      I suspect a lot of the reason AAA fell out of love with us was the same reason a lot of industries fell out of love with us - the fact that our dollar went up to about US$1.10, which just made it unviable. Perhaps we'll see things start to swing back the other way now that some kind of normality is returning to the exchange rate.

    I always loved Twilight Princess (Midna is the best Zelda character ever!). A tonne of people seemed to instantly write it off because it used motion controls.

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      Huh? Motion controls? In a GameCube game?

        It was the flagship game of the Wii, but they also released it on the Gamecube.

          I think the point just sailed right over your head. :(

    Already preordered.. And this is my first preorder ever. I despise the whole concept of preordering. But, I played this on Wii and its the only Zelda game I've never finished. The controls were just too clunky.. I'm really hoping that the controls improve in the wiiu version and I can finally finish the game!

    Twilight Princess increases in quality and fun as the story progresses, but it is an exponential curve. The first half is mostly inane drudgery, then the next quarter is a bit better, then the next 12.5% and so on. Game only reaches Zelda-expected heights by the last 10% of the game or so.

    I've got mine on pre-order. Really looking forward to playing it, I bought it on the Wii when it first came out but could never muster up the motivation to play it because I had zero interest in playing with the wiimote/nunchuck. It's the same reason I've never played Mario Galaxy despite rave reviews. So I'm stoked to be able to get a chance to play it properly.

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