The Division's Closed Beta Will Run This Month

Briefly: Per the latest announcement on the game's official Twitter, Ubisoft's The Division will run its closed beta between January 28-31 on Xbox One and January 29-31 on PC and PS4. If you're interested, head over here to sign up for the waiting list or to use a beta code, if you've got one.


    What with ubisoft licking microsoft ass? They always show xbox footage and now xbox beta starts earlier. Tjey also had xbox beta before.

      It's almost like Microsoft would've paid for some kind of marketing deal... like they used to with Call of Duty.
      Or like PS4 did with Battlefield and Destiny... and now do with Call of Duty.


        I used to love microsoft and xbox. Hating them more and more by the day. They pulled the same crap with tomb raider too. First they released a crappy underpowered console with gimmicky kinect now trying to make up the sales by buying limited exclusivity. Very annoying.

    Looks like a very standard 3rd person shooter now, infact the graphics are very similar to Uncharted series, definitely allot of 'optimisation' has occured to get it running on Consoles. The PC version unfortunately adopts ALL the assets of consoles so naturally the PC version will look very poo.

    As for the gameplay, I'm not so sure I like the whole HUDS saturation that goes on. Feels like someone holding your hand intimately all the time so you don't find anything too hard...

      Pc version will look better. Even if it looks the same. Pc is running 60/120fps and its only 30fps on consoles. That there is enough of a difference for me.

    4 days? Is that all?
    I'll save my internet quota, thanks.

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