The Humble Store's Winter Sale Is Surprisingly Good

Another day another sale, right? Well yes, but also no. The Humble Store's Winter Sale has some of the usual suspects but also a great mix of new games and indie titles that you may have missed first time round.

There's also a really cool Bethesda sale packed full of games like Morrowind, Fallout 3, Skyrim and just about every other game you could name.

Here are some of my own favourites from the sale — there are a few good Australian games in there too...

— The Witcher 3 is 50% off at US$29.99 — Dark Souls II is 60% off at US$21.99 — Never Alone is 75% off at US$3.74 — Submerged is 50% off at US$9.99 — Satellite Reign is 67% off at US$9.89

You can check it out here.


    I'd have probably bought something from the Humble Store by now if they didn't charge us the Australia tax. Eg. Dark Souls II is $19.99 if you're in America, but $21.99 here. Not a big difference sure, but it's the principle of it. I refuse to pay more just because I happen to be an Australian.

    Add to that the fact that it's all in USD, which our currency is currently buying... lemmie see here... f*ck all of at the moment, and these deals just don't look so enticing anymore.

      And being listed in USD meant payment will be made in USD, incurring international exchange fees on top of the exchange rate and Australia Tax making that $19.99 almost $50 (very rough approximation)

        The AUD amount after exchange is around $32. If you're paying nearly $20 fees on top of $30, then you need to change provider :)

      I get the first bit of your argument. However, you're going to have to get used to the current rates on AUD/USD and stop using it as an excuse. Anywhere from $0.65 - $0.75 has been on the cards for the last 24 months.

      Rates are going to stay around where they are and there's a good chance they'll get worse given the shit that's happening right now.

        Or, you from a site that sells in AUD. Plenty of competitive deals around, I never buy from Humble anymore and only buy from Steam if the game isn't sold anywhere else.

    How is this sale "surprisingly good" when all of the prices are in US? There just average prices for us when the Aussie dollar is paying 0.69 US.

      Oh come on everyone, enough of the "our dollar is stuffed" messages.. these prices are still very good. Let's try The Witcher 3.. $30 = $44 (at exchange rate of 0.68), add $2 for currency conversion (that's more than what Westpac charge me) = $46. Still cheaper than in the stores here.

    In other words, any Steam gift cards we have are worth about as much as a Dick Smith one.

    Don't worry when Donald gets in you can stop being Scrooge.

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