The In-N-Out Burger Pie Is Wrong On Many Levels

The In-N-Out Burger Pie Is Wrong On Many Levels

Packed with famous burgers, cheese, fries, more cheese, sauce, grilled onions and some cheese, one slice of Foodbeast's In-N-Out Burger Pie contains roughly all of the calories, but that's not the worst part.

The worst part is that I live in the Southeast and haven't had the chance to taste an In-N-Out burger since I went to Los Angeles for E3 1999. Sure I've been out West plenty of times since then, but I'm generally too busy working to enjoy the raw materials of this great and terrible thing.

One might say my geographical location has saved my life. I kinda want to punch that one in the nose for saying it.


    Refreshed the front page and threw up all over my desk. Thanks, Kotaku!

    I tried one of their burgers when I was in San Francisco, very over rated in my opinion. And that burger pie looks disgusting!

    I'd eat it.

    I'd regret it, but I'd eat the hell out of it.

    Are you guys sure that's not the result of the pie 6 hours after eating it???

    In-N-Out is an apt name if their food looks like it has been literallt regurgitated by a customer.

      That's not their food - that's a pie that somebody else made out of their food.

      I tried In-N-Out once when I was in San Francisco, and it was awesome. Really, really good.

    My eyes don't like what I see... But then again, eyes don't judge by taste...

    Anybody who says this looks gross is of course right.

    But what isn't completely clear is this isn't a Menu item, this is something somebody has assembled at home. The Article is kind of misleading.

      It sure is misleading! I actually didn't mind in-n-out burger. You gotta get onto the secret menu items that aren't advertised :)

    What's the deal with Americans and meat? It seems like there's routinely too much and it destroys the sandwich. I heard stories of great american sandwiches from delis with weird owners but when I finally got one... it was just a mound of meat and bread with too much sauce. Like, is that the criteria or is there more to it than that?

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