What Happened When I Brought Kylo Ren Into Fallout 4

What Happened When I Brought Kylo Ren Into Fallout 4

I think maybe Kylo Ren has a taste for blood after the end of The Force Awakens…

OK, so, the video above is the culmination of a few hours of messing around with mods in Fallout 4. Specifically, I downloaded Kylo Ren – Adam Driver 2.0 from Nexus Mods, and it gave me a character that looks like this:

Pretty close, I'd say! The best part of the mod is that it comes packaged with the lightsaber mod, so you can get the whole Star Wars experience here. There's even a fancy new Pip Boy, which Kylo probably bought in Fallout's version of Hot Topic.

I had some fun with this mod, as you can see in the initial video in this post. I started out with an old-fashioned murder spree at Diamond City to test out my lightsaber, but things only escalated from there. Make sure to watch it until the end. That's when it really gets ridiculous. Sorry...I don't know what's wrong with me. But I think maybe I understand the appeal of the dark side a little better after all of this.

Oh, and in case you're wondering? That's a jetpack on my back. There's a mod for a personal, non-Power Armour jetpack, and you can get that here.