The New Ratchet & Clank Trailer Reminds Me How Charming Ratchet & Clank Is

The New Ratchet & Clank Trailer Reminds Me How Charming Ratchet & Clank Is

Sometimes I wish I’d grown up with home consoles from Nintendo, SEGA or the PlayStation than the PCs and litany of abandonware I spent my youth exploring. It’s not that the PC didn’t have plenty of icons or wonderful games of its own, of course. But not having grown up with so many of the icons and heroes strewn across the early Nintendo/Xbox/PS1/PS2 eras makes me feel like I missed out on something.

It’s that something I’m reminded of when I saw the latest Ratchet & Clank trailer — something that I’ll be able to plug directly into.

I don’t have any background with the original Ratchet & Clank games, and that’s a shame. They look so damn charming, and apparently the upcoming game is echoing just as much charm as the originals.

No wonder I’m excited for the CG film. But the trailer for the game, which is due out in a few months, looks utterly captivating. Check it out.

Yes please. This wasn’t originally something that I was super jazzed for this year, but the more I see of Ratchet and his robot sidekick — in any form — the cheesier my grin gets.


  • Love me some R&C! Looking forward to this, not sure if I’ll bother with the movie but all the games have been worthy purchases.

  • I love this game. Will play it when it comes out, but why no double entendre this time? Not a part of the original series? or different creators?

    Did something happen during the jump into the nexus?

    • I think I read it’s an updated version of the original game with some tweaks to tie it to the movie (a few new weapons and levels).

    • It’s kind of a soft reboot? It’s basically a remake of the first game, but rejigged to take into account all the stuff they’ve figured out since then and rearranged a little to fit the plot of the new movie.

  • I honestly thought this was a trailer for the movie and got seriously excited that it looked like you experienced the whole movie from the point of view of the game, and i thought it was awesome. But seeing as this is for the game based on the movie, based on the game I can get behind this and enjoy it playing it. Going to download the collection on my vita now and use that as my commute to work game instead of Super Meat Boy

  • You should know Alex that Captain Quark is the real hero of the series. Ratchet & Clank are just there to tell his story!

  • I kinda really wanna play Jak and Daxter again. Rachet and Clank are cool but I thought Daxter was a blast!!!

  • Absolutely day one purchase for me, this and Uncharted 4 are the reasons I’m getting a PS4.

    In the meantime I’m plugging my PS2 back in to replay all of the originals.

  • Jak and Daxter 1 is great, the sequels less so. The angsty GTA style with evil monsters and political intrigue lacked all the charm of the original J&D. I played them all recently and 2 and 3 really have dated in their style and gameplay.

    Th R&C probably gets better with the a each series in terms of controls, environments, weapons, and characters. However, it losses out on originally after each entry which it why the series ran out of steam and then they tried terrible things like a tower defence game, and co-op horde modes rather than sticking to action platforming.

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