Cities: Skylines Expansion Introduces Weather

Video: The next expansion for Paradox's city builder, Cities: Skylines, is called Snowfall. Announced today, the add-on will introduce a weather system and a temperature mechanic to the game, along with a couple new public transportation options, like trams. Snowfall will be out on PC "later this year".


    OMG HELL YES! This is definitely my game of 2015, even over Fallout 4, MGS5, Mad Max and Ascred Syndicate

    Cities Skylines is one of my favourite games, and I'm certainly looking forward to this.

    One thing which I believe about the Snowfall expansion which I must admit disappointed me a little, is that while the rain and fog weather is dynamic, the 'seasons' [winter in particular] is not dynamic. It will require a new game to be played on a 'winter' map, which will permanently be in winter with snow.

    I know it would be a lot more complicated to have full dynamic seasons in any map, but it would have been very cool.

    I'm not looking forward to being nickel and dimed with DLC from Paradox in this game ala Payday 2, Europa Universalis 4 and Crusader Kings 2. $15 for what are really minor expansions is a bit much.

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