The Original Puzzle Quest Is Coming To The PS4

The Original Puzzle Quest Is Coming To The PS4

The match-3 game has come an awfully long way from its humble Bejeweled origins, with developers re-purposing the formula in a myriad of ways. But my favourite twist on the genre remains one of the classics: Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. It was layered. It had plenty of challenge. There was plenty of content to work through. The setting made sense. And it was all within the realm of a match-3 game.

There was no announcement on the PlayStation blog at the time of writing, but a listing has gone up on the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) site. The ratings database only has a listing for a PS4 launch of the 2007 indie, although it wouldn’t be inconceivable for Puzzle Quest to be ported to the Xbox One in due course.

Seeing the original Puzzle Quest make a return is welcome news following the proliferation of Puzzle Quest spin-offs of late. The most recent was the Magic: The Gathering spin-off and, before that, Marvel Puzzle Quest. Other collaborations for the formula include venturing into the land of Adventure Time and as a mobile tie-in for the asymmetrical monster hunter Evolve.

I have no beef with the IP or franchise expanding in this way, but all I really wanted was an updated original. And it seems like — at least on PS4 — that is precisely what we’re getting. No further details are available at this stage, but when we know more we’ll keep you posted.


  • Was this ever full of micro-transactions or is it a one off purchase game?

    Ill be honest, I know nothing about this game other than the premise

      • They released a mobile version that cut the content up into little pieces they got you to pay for separately. So there is still a chance they could screw it up.

        I suspect the release will have nothing to do with the original developers: while Steve Fawkner reformed the company as Infinity Plus 2, any royalties would presumably go to the old Infinite Interactive, which is now owned by EA.

    • This game is seriously so damn good. It’s a great turn based RPG and a great puzzle game. It has like three crafting systems, a tonne of character stat customisation, and has about 50 hours of really great gameplay.

      I never finish RPGs. I love them, but they are too long. I’ve finished Puzzle Quest three times. You should totally get it.

      It’s also really fun to break the game:
      Craft yourself a full poison set. Poison everything. It’s ridiculously OP

  • Ill be getting it, I can see it also going onto the PS Plus line up at some point, great game.

  • I played the bejesus out of that game on my DS back in the day, was a perfect timewaster while commuting.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Puzzle Quest brand doesn’t belong to the Aussie studio Infinite Interactive anymore. Gems of War, their most recent title, is like a spiritual successor that does a pretty good job of taking the genre in a slightly different direction. Definitely worth checking it, it’s free to play on Xbox One.

    • Also on PS4, Android, iOS and Steam. It can get a bit microtransactionish, but overall it’s quite fun. 🙂

      Will this have the Puzzle Quest expansions though, or will it just be a port of the PS3 / PSP versions which only had the base game?

      • The PS3 version says “Puzzle Quest: Revenge of the Plague Lord”, so that had the expansion rolled in. I think it was only PSP that was missing it.

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