The Right Way To Make A Dragon Quest Mural

The Right Way to Make a Dragon Quest Mural

Right now, there is a giant Dragon Quest mural up in Tokyo's Shinjuku. It's apparently made completely from Diablock, which are basically Japanese LEGO. The blocks look like pixels, so if you are going to make a Dragon Quest mural, do it like this. Especially if you are Square Enix and also want to pull off a publicity stunt for Dragon Quest Builders. Mission accomplished!

Top image: blue_phia_hima


    This is sick! New idea for future house deco ;)

    It is a sweet mural, but if the bulk of your article is just copy-pasted Japanese tweets would it kill you to translate them? :-/

      Google Chrome makes it pretty easy to roughly translate but the bulk of it is just "Look at this Dragon Quest mural!"

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