There Are 82 Morty’s To Collect In Pocket Mortys [Updated]

There Are 82 Morty’s To Collect In Pocket Mortys [Updated]

Part of me wishes Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland would go all the way and just throw a Pokemon pun in the title. But for now, Pocket Mortys will have to do.

Anyway, it’s a mobile game where you collect Mortys. And there’s 52 of them.

Adult Swim has issued an image to IGN showing the first 52 Mortys* that you can collect in the free-to-play game, ranging from Stray Cat Morty, a Morty without eyes, Giant Head Morty, a Mini Morty, Veiny Morty, Hipster Morty and more.

Pocket Mortys is due out on January 14 for iOS and Android, with Adult Swim yet to outline any more details about the gameplay. You can get a pretty good idea from these GIFs, however: it’s basically Pokemon.


Update: Adult Swim clarified very early this morning that there would be 82 Mortys in the game at launch, as per their tweet below. I’ve also amended the sentence above to clarify that the image showed only the first 52 Mortys.


        • I have that too, but the way it kept coming up at the bottom for ages… lol

          On a completely irrelevant note… I just finished Rick and Morty season 2, I’ll be in the corner over there rocking back and forth while crying. That got way too real way too fast…

          • The same thing happened to me. I was like err, wow and then almost a tear in my eye. Completely blindsided!

          • You know I had a feeling I’d missed something but put it on the other day and was like I’ve seen this wedding scene, must have watched this already….
            Shit thanks for the heads up or I wouldn’t have gone back! I hope it’s not too real for me. Love this show to death.
            The day care for interdimensional jerries anyone?? So. Fucking. Brilliant.

  • I thought the title already kind of was a Pokémon nod? Called Pocket Monsters in Japan, so Pocket Mortys seems relatively on point. I guess I see what you mean though, maybe Mortymon would have been more in line with the Pokémon name.

    • Exactly. Disappointing that somebody who’s paid to write for a video games website could miss such an obvious reference.

      I might also add that according to adultswimgames’ twitter account, there will be a grand total of 82 Mortys at launch:

      They’ve only shared the first 52 with IGN, and based on their choice of the phrase “at launch” it’s a pretty safe bet they’re planning on adding more Mortys at a later date.

      Gaming “journalism”: yep, it’s that easy.

      • That tweet only came out after Adult Swim released the image to IGN. Either way, I’ve amended the article above and embedded Adult Swim’s clarification.

    • The image is missing at a minimum the 3 Morty’s from the videos (Scruffy Morty, Greaser Morty and Rabbit Morty).

  • Surprised its not on the 3ds given Justin Roiland’s love for Nintendo

    “You guys! We gotta hurry! I just got back from Walmart they’re selling Nintendo 3DS systems for 149.99 on sale, plus EVERY TIME YOU BUY ONE YOU GET A FIFTY DOLLAR GIFT CARD, BRINGS THE TOTAL PRICE TO 110 DOLLARS AFTER TAX! Now listen! We can flip those sons of bitches for 230 bucks a piece easy! They’re all limited edition, Zelda ones! Hurry! Hurry, come with me! We can be rich, and we also all get to keep one, and we can play, Nintendo games!

    Nintendo give me free stuff!”

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