There's A Ninja Academy In Japan

There's a Ninja Academy in Japan

Of course, there is.

According to Otakuma and Hachima, this "Ninja Academy" is in Nara Prefecture. You learn the art of handling a katana, shuriken throwing, dart blowing, how to shoot old-fashioned firearms, Japanese archery, and more.

Think of these as your learning tools, because that's exactly what they are.

There's a Ninja Academy in Japan

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The lessons are hands on.

There's a Ninja Academy in Japan

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Nice one!

There is a one day course for 2,000 yen and a two day course for 4,000 yen. There is apparently no limit to the number of students able to take the course.

There's a Ninja Academy in Japan

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Even kids can participate, it seems.

There's a Ninja Academy in Japan

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Armour and ninja outfits are apparently available for use, free of charge.

The Ninja Academy even awards certificates — aka, Licenses to Ninja!

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    Wow. That seems pretty cheap. Two days of Ninja Training for around $50? Sign me up.

    There's schools that teach homoeopathy and Chriopracty as well- basically whatever made up shit you want to learn there are people who will make money by "teaching" you. ;)

    i would like to formally appologise to the freaking nutter in my japanese class back in the 90's who was determined to go to japan to become a ninja.. apparently you now can

    Maybe don't tilt that Swastika shaped weapon that way over a red background, I know perfectly well that the swastika was a common and important symbol that didn't signify anything like what it came to under the Nazi regime, but maybe they should be a little more aware of the way they present that weapon.

      Bloody Japs! So culturally insensitive!

      Except this is a Japanese course designed primarily for Japanese people so why would anyone be offended other than foreigners who decided to take the course? To ask them to be more sensitive would be like asking us to not display Coon cheese in a supermarket because it might offend Americans.

        I don't think we should sell Coon cheese, honestly it's just a bad name that should be changed even if there's no link whatsoever to the racist connotations the word has outside of Australia, we need to accept that there's a huge American influence on our culture and that there are a lot of American tourists that come here. It's not a name I traditionally associate with racism, but even from a cold business-focused perspective it's a name that could well court controversy and bad press. But regardless, any other orientation of the thing would have made it appear as a traditional swastika, this particular orientation is the only one associated with Nazism and given Japan's history I don't think that's something I'd want to put out there in presumably promotional material for my school, even if Japanese culture sees thing differently to potential foreigners. I don't think this was done on purpose, nor that it's going to create any sort of major negative press, but the orientation is just unfortunate.

    ninjas wore dark dark dark blue?
    cant be too good, a real academy would require your application to be written on the still beating heart of a close relative

    Yes. Dark Blue to hide at night and to blend into crowds with more traditional clothing colours under a disguise. They also never covered their face. The more modern design is a work of fiction popularised by western culture since James Bond movie bought them to the west and anime, video games.

    There's much better Ninja academies and schools in Japan and Australia. I trained in one many, many years ago in Australia. Most of the training was teaching you how to defend yourself if you're attacked by a Samurai, which is very helpful in real life.

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