These 'WTF Moments' From HOTS Are A Laugh

I only just started watching the 'WTF Moments' channel on Youtube for Heroes of the Storm (crazy, right, since I'm pretty much obsessed with the game), and it's legit hilarious. I can't say what it'd be like watching as someone who doesn't know the game, but every episode gives me a big laugh out loud moment.

They take sound effects from old games, shows like The Simpsons, and put funny music behind it so it all sounds highly produced. The quality of the editing gets better the later you go, and the latest episodes build a narrative quite well before you watch someone get Tyrannosaurus Rekt.

I can't wait for an episode to include all the newbie Greymane plays, but for now, you can watch a recent one above. And if you're like me, you'll binge every previous one afterwards.


    Started watching these a few episodes ago and episode 26 has some pretty good ones. One of the more recent ones has a hilarious trap involving Slyvanas that backfires on Aba also that I found rather hilarious as most things are that involve Aba

    Some interesting things you can do with Stitches hook :)

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