This JB Hi-Fi Review Sums Up Call Of Duty Perfectly

It's been a while since we've seen a good ol' JB Hi-Fi review. This is a good one.

It turned up on Reddit today thanks to user Maxmanax. Murica.

I also found this comment super interesting. I wasn't aware there were so many rules surrounding the reviews that went up in store but, now that he mentions it, they do look very similar! They do have a very definitive 'style'.


    Reminds me, my local JB has a massive banner out the front that reads "Need more data for Netflix & Chill? Come see us today!"

    About as useful as traditional game reviews, now. Handy!

    Bad review, gave too many stars

      That's not a rating that's the name of the reviewer - you missed the "Reviewed By"

    So creative and cool, I just hope they still find that kind of stuff funny after working there for another 10 years.

    Technically it should be PEW. PEW. PEW. PEW. PEW. WINSLOW ACCORD.

    Last edited 19/01/16 2:16 pm

    2/10 would not bang (or pew)

    Last edited 19/01/16 3:29 pm

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