This Might Be The Most Brutal Trailer I've Ever Seen

Mortal Kombat XL has just been announced. It has a cool name. It's essentially a 'Game of the Year' edition of the last Mortal Kombat, 'komplete' with all the DLC characters, skins, etc.

It has a trailer. It's brutal as all hell.

It actually might be one of the most brutal trailers I've ever seen. Let's just say it's very um... Mortal Kombat.


    So pissed off. KP2 & XL are XBone & PS4 exclusive.

    As a PC player, this is fucked.


    Edit: Actually, this is beyond fucked.
    Base game hardly worked on PC at launch.
    Didn't work at all for 3 months after a patch broke it.
    No help from NRS or the clowns they got to do the port.
    Eventually got it working.
    KP 2 gets announced! GET HYPE.
    LOL no. fuck you PC players. this is just consoles.
    this is really shitty treatment.

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    So, really a waste of money buying a season pass.

      Season pass is basically included in GOTY editions like this. No need to buy it separately.

      This is why i didn't get the second kombat pack. A very dog move to announce this so shortly after other people would have paid foe the kombat pack 2. Really hoping this doesn't turn out like Street Fighter IV where there was 4 different versions.

        To be fair this is the same version as release, it's just with all the DLC, it's more a new package than a new version.

      That could be the advertising tag line for every Warner Brothers published game.

        Tons of companies release GOTY editions, why is this one a problem? Genuine question, since I don't play MK.

          I can't speak to Mortal Kombat, but WB have published a number of games where the season pass content has been shite.

          Mad Max
          Mortal Kombat 9
          Shadow of Mordor

    People who didn't see this coming aren't that bright.
    This is why I just don't buy games like this at launch anymore - just sit back and wait for the completed game to be released.

      I'm kind of the same. Unless I really, really, really like the idea, I don't buy on launch anymore.

      But in differ in that I'm waiting for the Aussie Tax to decay off the price and be in line with the rest of the world and all the bugs are patched.

      Same. And even if a GOTY version isn't released, the season passes are usually cheaper at that point.

    Not a massive fan but will definitely be grabbing a copy for the collection! Looks fun and sooo brutal!

    "Includes all additional characters and skin packs". 2 seconds later...Preorder DLC.

    Everyone associated with this needs to be nut punched like Ermac.

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    I didn't buy this one knowing that this would eventually come.

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