This Mod Pits Heroes Of The Storm's Muradin Against... Many More Muradins

What if every character in your HOTS match could be Muradin? Hero diversity be damned, someone has taken one of the best heroes from Heroes of the Storm and made a MOBA-like starring only the hardy dwarf, Muradin Bronzebeard. Several Muradin Bronzebeards, in fact.

I suppose it was only a matter of time. While different heroes wax and wane in popularity as the HOTS meta shifts, Muradin has been one of the most consistent heroes. His high health pool, survivability, ranged stun, and usefulness in shutting down enemies who rely on attack speed have made him a pick no one can really argue with in the draft.

This mod involves hot Muradin-on-Muradin action, with multiple players all trying to hammer each other into submission and not fall into lava.

The creator of the mod, greythepirate, says the decision to give the dwarf a starring role was more due to development reasons than beard love:

I'll be honest, I don't even like Dwarves, but Muradin had one of the best animation sets to work with so I developed a game around that.   Why does he fall in lava repeatedly? Because he's drunk!

You can get the mod with the below link, and only need the free starter version of Starcraft 2 to play it:



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