Timelapse: A Huge LEGO Star Wars AT-AT From Scratch

Timelapse: A Huge LEGO Star Wars AT-AT From Scratch

The only problem with all those magnificent LEGO builds is that we only get to see the end result (sometimes in pieces). And while impressive, it makes all the trickier to appreciate the effort. Today, however, is different — we get to watch a gigantic LEGO Star Wars AT-AT built from start to finish.

This post was originally published on Gizmodo Australia.

The design itself is from master builder “Cavegod” and requires over 6000 bits of the plastic toy to complete.

I’ve personally never watched a “professional” LEGO builder at work and it’s interesting to see how they approach the problem.

As a kid, you usually just spread all the parts on a table or the floor and have at it (“Spaceship!”), but when you’re trying to put something as complex as this AT-AT together, you need a much more methodical approach.

Hence the cups to keep similar blocks sorted… and resisting the temptation to open all the bags at once and spill them everywhere.

It’s a timelapse, but still goes for a good 13 minutes, so sit down and enjoy the show.

Giant Lego AT-AT Time Lapse Build !!!!! [YouTube, via The Awesomer]


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