Today’s Feat Of Minecraft Engineering: A Working Submarine

Today’s Feat Of Minecraft Engineering: A Working Submarine

Dayshot: Admittedly it looks and moves more like a worm (it’s even partly made of slime blocks), but hey, it’s underwater and it keeps you dry. A bit proof of concept-y, but it’s a Minecraft submarine. Designed by Minecrafter Alex_you, the sub is constructed out of slime, redstone blocks and glass, with glowstone for lighting and pistons that actually move the cabin forward. The start/stop mechanism is operated by way of flint and tinder, as the video shows:

Looks like a bumpy ride. Still, some engineering. If you wanna give it a try yourself, a download link to the map with the submarine in it can be found here, in the video description.

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  • How is it so light underwater? Is that a setting you can change? I go down about 3 blocks and I can hardly see anything.

      • Hmmm, I will have to start looking into potions and whatnot.

        I’ve only just recently jumped back into the game after an absence. Hunger and villages weren’t around last time I was playing!

        • Yeah a ton of enchantments as well to deal with water to keep an eye out for. Like depth strider? lets you walk under water.

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