Two Classic JRPGs Are Coming Back On Modern Platforms

Two Classic JRPGs Are Coming Back On Modern Platforms

Two old role-playing games — Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Breath of Fire III — are coming to modern consoles in the very near future, their respective publishers announced this week. It’s a good time for old JRPGs.

Today, Nintendo’s bringing FFTA to Wii U on the Virtual Console. It will cost you $US8 ($11), and although it isn’t as stellar as its predecessor, Final Fantasy Tactics, it’s a solid strategy-RPG nonetheless.

Capcom also announced last night that they’re bringing the PSP version of Breath of Fire III to PSN as a digital release in February. This one will be $US10 ($14), which is a bargain for one of the best RPGs the PlayStation had to offer. You’ll be able to play it on PSP, Vita, or PS TV.


  • And here I almost thought we were getting a new FF Tactics T_T Also, why Wii U? I.. nvm, can’t be bothered arguing any more. Just give me FE Fates already.

    • Because it’s the Gameboy Advance version of the game.

      Funny how BoF3 could make me want the PS4.

      • Yes I’m aware, and I was basically asking why it isn’t on the 3DS virtual console but I already know why. Was just simply lamenting Nintendo’s dumb decisions this generation.

        • Yeah totally agree no reason why Nintendo cant release it on 3DS. They would have made sooooo much more money that way.

  • So, my prayers were finally heard and the one Final Fantasy game I really, really enjoyed and actually finished is finally getting a port to a modern console. The one no one but me seems to think is any good.

    …Oh. It’s on the Wii U and not the DS. Turns out that deity who answered my prayers thinks they’re hilarious.

  • FFTA was great. I love any game that allows you to keep playing new missions right after the main quest is done and dusted.

  • Am I the only one who much preferred ffta over fft? I found the interface on the latter quite clunky. Mages were just about useless.

    • Nope. I thought it was the lesser. Personally I liked A2 more, the one with the dork in the red hat, but FFTA was an extremely close second. Vast improvement over the original in both cases.

    • What? how were you playing them? They are not broken like Ninja or Samurai, sure, but they are great.

    • You just go and play your Rare collection, you.

      I have BoF3 on my Vita at the moment, installed from PSN not long ago. Is this another case of a Kotaku USA story being reposted without fact-checking?

      Pretty sure the PSP version of FFT is also downloadable, although FFTA isn’t.

      • Granted that is one hell of a boon, we’re just missing out on a lot of indie games and stuff unfortunately. Ahhhhhhh I’m just salty about bloodborne still lol

  • As much as I enjoy the older ones Dragon Quarter was my favourite BoF game. I would buy a digital version of that for my ps4 in a heartbeat.

  • While I did enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, the story was just a bit childish. This same problem is what keeps me from enjoying and completing it’s sequel.
    The original Final Fantasy Tactics is a game that I enjoyed immensely and I’ve played it through to completion more than I care to admit.

    Breath of Fire III on the other hand is one game that I’m very, very interested in. A shame it wasn’t as popular as Final Fantasy VII. I’d love to see a HD remake of it.

    • This. Following the moving tragedy that FFT was, FFTA was a Saturday morning cartoon. Mechanics were also quite dumbed down, in general.

      • Plus, if you knew how to abuse the system, you could get a Cinquedea before even progressing in the story and basically have Steal: Ability from the get go. Made the game stupidly easy.

  • Brought BoF3 for my PSP ages ago but never got far into it because PSP battery died.

    Can buy a new battery for cheaper than the game on the PSN. That would also mean I can finally finish Persona 3 PSP, which isn’t on the PSN in any form.

  • New downloadable titles for consoles are nice, I would love to see some PC versions too though. Put out the most complete version of FFT on Steam and I’d buy it day 1 without a second thought.

  • This is the one time I’m glad we’re in Australia. PAL territories have had the PSP version of BOFIII available for years already. Of course, since BOF IV has been on the US PSN for years and they’re now getting BOFIII, it’s only fair they trade and give us BOFIV in return. Right America?

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