Unstoppable Destiny Player Goes Solo In Trials Without Dying

Unstoppable Destiny Player Goes Solo In Trials Without Dying

Video: These days, people are running out of things to do in Destiny, a video game where players travel through space trying to overcome their Destiny malaise.

So what can a godly PVP player do to occupy his time? Well, if you’re Ramblinnn, you tell your Trials of Osiris teammates to leave so you can go 1v3 and somehow win an entire match without dying once.

The video of his adventures is as entertaining as it is impossible to believe:

Could you imagine being on the other end of this slaughter? Ramblinnn’s opponents weren’t even that bad; they were just completely and utterly outmatched. Rough.


    • Glad you said it. Simply no communication between the three. Shots being placed around but never properly hitting…at one instance i counted six bursts from a slow fire rate pulse…all you’d need is a bullet from each of those bursts to have the kill. Blade dancer running headlong into a sniper glint? never happens, unless that person has never used bladedance before. Going for the res when the opponent is one shot? wtf? That warlock who went up to the bloody snipe spot to just look at his opponent and wait for imminent death…i count one shot that left his sniper and it missed by a mile…he shouldn’t be using sniper unless he’s confident he can outsnipe…which after the first round he’d know. Heavy Round…did they even pick up heavy? Or did they just switch to their heavy weapons and look in the wrong direction allowing their assholes to be waxed?

      Don’t get me wrong…this guy was good. Twitchy af. But good. Motion tracker use was on point. Graviton Forfeit while keeping keen scout on is a smart move and he didn’t forget that shadestep was a thing at all…in fact he over used it imop. Sniping was rusty, seemed to go for the quick body shot more than the headshot, but 1v3 I’d do it too, any damage is good. Last Word is cheap, but everyone is either using that or Mida Multi atm…

      *sigh* i get way too worked up about this shit.

  • oh another Destiny post and another Destiny dig, yawn, how original. just because its seeming STILL the internet sheepeople favourite punching bag, that doesnt mean its still funny, its like a school bully calling someone with glasses four eyes. The only people who would be laughing are tool bullies and everyone else is too busy having a life and having fun and groaning at the highly unoriginal person who cant think of anything better to call a person with glasses four eyes.

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