$US75,000 Worth Of Magic Cards Stolen In Games Store Robbery

$US75,000 ($106,901) Worth Of Magic Cards Stolen In Games Store Robbery

Early on Sunday morning, revered Austin board/card games joint Pat's Games was robbed by two men who, going by what was stolen, clearly knew what they were doing. The men approached the store at around 1am, and using a water meter key ripped the front door off. They then moved inside and stole around $US75,000 ($106,901) worth of Magic: The Gathering cards from display cabinets (and yes, in case you're just joining us, it's not hard for Magic cards to get real valuable).

The robbery was caught on the store's CCTV cameras, and while one man's face was covered, another's is clearly visible. Police are currently investigating.

$US75,000 ($106,901) Worth Of Magic Cards Stolen In Games Store Robbery

And speaking of the police, owner Pat Johnson <a href="http://wrote on Facebook:

I have to give Kudos to the Austin Police Department they put a Magic Player on the case even tho he usually just does residential burglaries.

A nice touch, but also one that will help the case; it's thought at least one of the men is a local Magic player and store customer "because it only took him 20 seconds to go in and find our highest-dollared cards".


    Caught on tape though. Looks like they fell for their trap card.

      He's gonna have fun playing Time Warp in jail

        But it'll probably land on the skull so no Thousand Thief Dragon or Great Sage Thief transformation for him!

    Fairly brazen and stupid not to wear masks.

    Someone mind explaining what a water meter key is and how it's used to open a door? Google ain't helping me with this one.

      The water meter key is that T shaped thing the guy standing up is carrying in the second gif. From the looks of it he's also holding a kerb box key in his other hand which you can see embedded in the swinging door in the top gif.

      My guess is that they stuck the pointy end of the kerb key into the gap between the door and wall where the bolt was and then used the meter key as leverage either directly on the kerb key itself (The meter key has a fork on the end) or in conjunction with the door handle to provide more force on the kerb key. It's embedded around where the deadbolt would be so they probably were trying to push the bolt back into the handle to break it.

      Even though I'm just guessing, the top gif shows that they did some pretty crazy finagling to get that door open.

    Bit of a specialty theft.
    Im sure its either going to be a regular player in the area or someone involved with the storefront.
    This reminds me of prison break, the dude was charged grand larceny for stealing an expensive baseball card.
    Dont drop the soap boys, nerds dont survive in prison

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