Watch Man At Arms Make Pyramid Head’s Huge Great Knife

Watch Man At Arms Make Pyramid Head’s Huge Great Knife

Man At Arms: Reforged is a series where a super-talented team of craftsmen recreate your favourite weapons from video games and other geek media. This week they’ve taken on one of the hugest and most terrifying swords from any video game — Pyramid Head’s Great Knife from Silent Hill 2.

If you ever played the classic psychological horror game, you’ll remember the sound of Pyramid Head dragging his huge knife along behind him, and for many this creature is one of the scariest horror game creatures ever. The Man At Arms version manages to do it justice, somehow, and the video is well worth a watch to see just how much time, effort and manpower goes into making a knife of this size. All I know is that by the time they start chopping pumpkins up with it, I’ve already decided that I want one.


  • Man At Arms are amazing. Sometimes the results aren’t the greatest of matches, but watching the process alone is worthy of praise.
    Then you have episodes like this where their creation looks like it was taken straight out of the game. Perfection.

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