Watch One Man Break The Hell Out Of Secret Of Mana

Video: There are few things more satisfying than watching someone tear apart one of your favourite childhood video games. Thanks to glitches, tricks, and the power of using two controllers at once, speedrunner Yagamoth blazed through the classic Square RPG Secret of Mana in under two hours at Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 last week. If you know the game well, this is incredibly fun to watch: Yagamoth skips over entire chunks of the story — including the Light, Dark and Moon elementals — and breaks almost every sequence. He doesn’t even get a full party until the desert ship.

The ultimate lesson here? Secret of Mana is still awesome and everyone should play it.


    • Thank you. I’ve been too lazy to visit their channel this year; Kptaku had me worried that all of their videos would have Twitch crap on the side. Good to know that’s not the case.

  • Its been far to long since I played a mana game. Think its time to jump into 3 and do a Duran playthrough. Or maybe Hawk.

  • I remember pumping heaps of hours in to SoM. I was always looking for the (non-existant) elusive 8th sword orb and axe orb, scoured that mana fortress for HOURS on end. Never got my last axe orb and only found out later that the sword one didn’t exist.

    Ah Secret of Mana, up there with my all time favourite games, Terranigma and Breath of Fire II

    • Those orbs would SUPER occasionally drop from enemies in the mana fortress. I got the sword one. Never got the axe…. Though not for lack of trying!

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