Watch The First Crowdfunded Heroes Of The Storm Tournament Here

Over the last few months, entrepreneurial Heroes of the Storm players have been advertising a player-funded tournament called Heroes Rising, and the time has finally come to reap the rewards of our peers' generosity.

Other MOBA games such as DOTA 2 and Smite have had great success with crowdfunded prize pools. While this unofficial tournament doesn't reach the lofty figures of those examples, it's already looking like a success for the community. The Kickstarter managed to raise around $AU11.5k, which makes something like $AU18k that will be shared among top teams as prize money. It looks like feedback has been positive so far, with the only downer being the current Tyrande-heavy, stunlock meta.

Pretty much all the best teams in the region are there, and as we're entering into the final stages, happening now-ish is Cloud 9 vs Tempo Storm, a continuation of probably the hottest rivalry in the US. I was in Vegas when Cloud 9 took out Tempo Storm in the Road to Blizzcon, after losing to them in the winner's bracket just to see their strategies. Looking at the winner's bracket this time, it looks like there are no such shenanigans.

You can check out the stream here, or watch it below. But don't leave it too long, because the best matches are about to be played.

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