Watch The First Two Missions Of Homeworld: Deserts Of Kharak

IGN has a video preview of the new Homeworld game, with developer commentary from Blackbird CEO Rob Cunningham and lead designer Rory McGuire. We haven't seen nearly enough of the game thus far, considering it's meant to be released on January 20th, but it's looking very, very Homeworld.

A lot of what the developers say in these videos are quite complimentary towards their own UI, systems, and units. But they're probably right when they say that fans of the original Homeworld games will like how much of a throwback they are. Your giant land carrier performs the role of a mothership, missions have a similar slow pace, and the whole thing is "one big sci-fi journey across the desert."

It's probably a good thing it's getting in before the crazy month that February is going to be for games.

And because there will be a lot of drifting on sand in the game, here's a developer diary talking about how they studied gymkhana to get the unit movement right:



    Remember the days of Demo disks, when the heading would have read "PLAY the first two levels of..."

    Those videos require flash... fail

      EDIT: Sorry, you are quite right. The middle videos aren't youtube ones as I thought, and do in fact require flash.
      Seriously, awful...

      Last edited 16/01/16 3:17 pm

      Those are embedded from IGN's proprietary thing. No Youtube version, unfortunately.

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