Watch XCOM 2 Played On Its Hardest Setting

I don't know about you, but I still don't stand a chance when I load up XCOM: Enemy Unknown on the hardest setting, let alone trying to do it on front of a large audience like this two. Creative director Jake Solomon and designer Mark Nauta have done exactly that with the new game, though, and seem to have taken on the additional challenge of voicing each squadmate with their national accents.

Mark Nauta is actually responsible for balancing the Legend version of the game (which Solomon keeps calling "Legendary", Halo much?), so he has extra incentive to hope it's actually beatable.

Along the way, the two talk about different strategies and enemy behaviours as well, so it's kind of a nice primer. I don't normally like the Let's Play style of listening to someone yammer on over the gameplay, but these two aren't wholly offensive. Dare I say even funny in parts.


    What a boring let's play... maybe it's just me, but the first part of the video was great and learning more about the game.. the rest was just two, not particularly interesting players, playing a turn based strategy game.. yeh.. exciting.

    This is a day-one purchase, though I'll likely preorder it, for me. I love X-Com.. I just don't like watching it be played.. :)

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