Watching A 5-Year-Old Play Through Journey Is Adorable

You might remember Penny as the three-year-old kid who played Dark Souls with her Daddy.

Well now Penny is at the ripe old age of five. Tomorrow she starts school, but before that she got her very own YouTube channel.

She's currently playing through Journey and it's predictably adorable.

It's funny. Penny's dad is Lance McDonald, the game developer behind the upcoming Black Annex. He's spoken to Penny extensively about the channel about what it means to be online, that people can watch her. He said that when she started saying "hello everyone, I'm back" — that was a real breakthrough moment, because he realised she understood there would be an audience.

I find it really interesting. Penny is really good at video games for a five-year-old. She managed to make it through Portal 2, and seems to be rattling through at a decent pace.

Kids these days...


    Your kids will be reviewing for Kotaku before they start school...

    Adorable kid. Also - how is Black Annex not yet released! Poor Lance.

    Last edited 27/01/16 5:31 pm

      Lol he's probably too busy moderating her channel haha or giving gameplay tips

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