What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Given the soppy, unsociable nature of the weather in Sydney over the past few days, I'm not fancying the outdoors a great deal. And that's fantastic, because there's a few games I want to play.

But the first and foremost that I'd like to clear off my virtual plate is Punch Club, the boxing management sim that was recently promoted via Twitch Plays.

Unlike Nathan, I haven't spent quite as much time with the game to work out the formula that best manages your declining stats while earning enough money in an efficient enough time to train just prior to a fight. I most recently opted to grind so I could purchase my own gym equipment; hopefully not having to pay for gym access, or managing trips back and forth, is the answer.

It probably doesn't help that the Steam cloud saves didn't appear to work, for whatever reason. I'm running three separate saves of Punch Club on three different machines. The one that perplexes me the most is my home laptop, which wasn't able to pick up my original save. It then broke at a certain point that prevented progress, so I haven't been able to soak up valuable time on the train punching Leonardo (or is it Donatello?).

Regardless, I've enjoyed the couple of hours I've spent in the ring so far. I'm almost at the point on a second save, too, where I'm about to unlock the memory skills that prevent your stats from dropping below a certain minimum. I feel like that's going to solve a little bit of my frustrations and make at least the next hour or two less of a grind.

Also, it's cool that there are branching storylines in a tycoon sim. I want to see how that plays out; it's probably one of the main hooks, knowing that there's more than just climbing bars to watch.

I'll continue to enjoy Pocket Mortys on the phone as well, which most of my friends are going, and a couple of rounds of Endless Space won't hurt either. I'd like to know all the races back to front before Endless Space 2 comes out, if only to try and stifle my immediate preference for the Sophons all the time.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Some Splatoon possibly. Will probably get in some Minecraft - enjoying it after a many year absence.
    Might squeeze in some Ingress too, would like to hit lvl 14 before I bow out. About 400k away. Can probably do 100K in 1 to 1.5 hours where I live.


    Bought Fallout 4 but disappointed.

      Aren't we all.....

        Nope, I loved every second of my 90+ hour play through, can't wait for the DLC

    Warhammer: Vermintide (cannot stop playing this game, soooo good) and possibly trying to finish off Witcher 3 and Tomb Raider before they are consumed by my pile of shame forever.

      Ohh vermintide... might think about grabbing that this weekend...

        Totally worth the money, especially if you like a bit of 4 player co-op madness.

    Planning to finish Witcher 3's Hearts of Stone expansion content. Love how solid those quests are. Definitely an example of how to do story DLC well, and a lot of games should follow their example.

    Once I'm done there, I'll start up episode 2 of Tales From The Borderlands. Loved episode 1 and picked up the season pass.

    This may all go out the window though if Oxenfree hurries up and releases...

    Until Dawn with my wife
    Diable 3 alone and with my wife
    Fallout 4 2nd run through

      Plot Twist: You don't have a wife.
      I will also being playing Until Dawn... with my fiancée.
      Also Dragons Dogma on PC.

        Double plot twist...

        You don't have a fiancee and are really riding a camel.

        haha, i think the real plot twist for me will be that I still think I have all this free time for gaming with 2 toddlers.

    well dual movie marathon at some point for memories of Rickman and Bowie (Labyrinth and Die Hard), then that free game from GOG that I never bothered with until I found out this week that it was a point and click adventure: teenagent
    then a re-play through of Quest for glory 1 ready for my first try at quest for glory 2.
    and if looking for something else to try then the legend of Kyrandia 3, Malcolms revenge.
    Old school point and click and adventuring for this weekend :)

      That is a really cool idea, might do just the same myself.
      Point and click games, not so much. Although, I do have telltale GOT to play...

    I'm currently running through Final Fantasy VII so it will mostly be that. I'm also trying my hand at a lvl 1 run of Bravely Default so I'll plug away at that a bit too. Outside of that I'll probably sneak in some Project Diva F 2 and Breath of Fire III as well.

    Rise Of The Tomb Raider. So good. Thoroughly gorgeous and plays like a dream. Wish I'd bought it sooner.

    CS:GO - I've recently discovered that it's the best FPS released in the last few years. First time I've actually had fun in an FPS since COD 4.

      It's brilliant. Hit me up if you want any advice (or extra people to queue with).

        Any advice is welcome, I'm a noob. Have been watching vids with tips about aiming, recoil, setting up your crosshair, sensitivity etc and have managed some small improvements. More play time will help get me further. I've got the same username on steam if you feel like adding me.

          Since you've gone through that, this is the next biggest thing -- go to the server browser list, look for local Deathmatch servers, and play over and over again. It'll improve your aim, control, muscle memory on maps, twitch reactions and if you do a map or two before matchmaking your performances there will improve markedly.

          I did this most days in my holidays when I was trying to get out of the finishing top 12-16 level in state tournaments and it was the chief factor in developing an aim that became supremely bullshit and got me out of many, many tight situations. Having refined aim also just makes CS more fun, plain and simple, so hit up DM as much as you can.

          (After that, go to YT and get some basic smokes and flashes down pat -- because the next thing you'll need to do is find ways to make room for yourself so you can get your aim into play. There's nothing worse than getting shut down by flashes and smokes all the time.)

            Cool, thanks for the tips. I'll put them to good use.

              Yeah my steam name is the same panic_at_the_office ... Always keen for a couple rounds of CS.

    Decided to address my pile of shame, alphabetically, so other than Fallout 4, Just Cause 3 and Rocket league I've started on Assassins Creed II.... (then 3 then black flag...)

      I started to do this... But then stopped.

      So many A titles

    My internet should be back on when I get home, so I'm looking forward to seeing how Xenoblade works online.

    Armello is on sale right now. Idiot me grabbed the GOG version, and there's no cross-play support with Steam players. While I find this a big strike against it, it's sooooo adorable. Just wish I had multiplayer options.
    Not meant to knock GOG. Freakin' love them as a storefront.

    I haven't been able to play anything for a couple weeks so I hope I can get back into Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fallout 4 and will try and finish Bravely Default. For some reason I just stopped playing right when I was near the end...oh and I realised I remember almost nothing about how to play.

    My son is most likely going to "force" me into Splatoon's Amiibo challenges but this weekend will be most likely me looking at work opportunites in Victoria or at the very least study options.

    Star Citizen 2.1 Alpha is out today so probs be hitting that up. Trying to claw my way up the Co-Op leaderboards.

    Really need to finish Fallout 4 as well. Just seems to be dragging on a bit near the end...want to hit level 41 at least for those sweet sweet science mods.

      It does drag dude, well it has for me because I've burnt out on exploration and side quests and now finishing the story feels a bit like a chore. Still, using a bit of melee at the moment and that is good fun i gotta say.

    Nostalrius because it's currently dominating my life negatively.

    SWTOR. Maybe some Warframe in the evening. Might do my nightfalls in Destiny if I can muster the enthusiasm.

    Last edited 15/01/16 12:21 pm

    Looking to mop up a few more things in fo4 and then shelve it for good until expansions come out. Hopefully a few hours of dying light with my brother. Definitely some ori and the blind forest,and will maybe get around to installing Wolfenstein which I finally picked up for cheap over holidays.

    Fallout 4 and Grim Fandango. Just downloaded as one of the free PS+ games this month and I love it.

    Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 beta. Also got back into Dying Light in time for the expansion.

    hmmm. Tales of the Abyss needs to be finished on 3ds, then to get back in to Fire Emblem Awakening and finish that off, then project X-zone and finish that off, then Pokemon Ruby and finish that off.
    maybe some Lord of the Rings Online, and if my mates are up for it, maybe some GTA V online which we have been avoiding since Rocket League came out.

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